Bears Strike First: Trade For Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall

The Chicago Bears made the first big move in the NFC North, trading two third-round picks to Miami for receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall, who had 1,214 yards and six touchdowns last season, is a major upgrade to one of the Bears’ weakest positions. Running back Matt Forte led the Bears with 52 catches last season. Johnny Knox led the team with 727 yards. Roy Williams was the only other receiver to have more than 500 yards (507). In other words, the receiving corp was a joke.

The move reunites Marshall with quarterback Jay Cutler. The two previously played together in Denver and were one of the best quarterback/receiver combinations in the NFL. Marshall had 1,325 yards in 2007 and 1,265 in 2008.

The Bears just became relevant again the NFC North.

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14 Comments on "Bears Strike First: Trade For Brandon Marshall"

  1. AZPack

    They will have a melt down this year, guaranteed! Also, that defense is looking real old and it will be interesting to see if douchlacher makes it through the entire season.

  2. Kevin

    Who do the Dolphins have to throw to? Is Philbin going to trade for a Packers WR? Jones? What is Jones worth now? A 3rd rounder? I’m hoping for a second but think that’s too high.

  3. TyKoSteamboat

    this is shocking because Cutler & Marshall hated each-other in Denver…screaming all the time at on another on the sidelines.
    how the hell did they get that guy for just 2 third round picks???

    • Savage57

      I agree, but I am delighted with the trade.

      It reunites two head-case prima donna’s that are going to be pointing fingers at each other when they fuck up, the Shitcago press is going to make it an even bigger controversy and hopefully the bad blood infects the rest of the team with their shitty attitudes,

      And, as you point out, it costs the Bears 2 picks in the top half of the draft for the next 2 years.

      Did the Bears hire Matt Millen as GM?

  4. iltarion

    Now all the Bears need to do is hire Josh McDaniels, then they can have the return of the Three Ring Circus that destroyed Denver.

    If Cutler and Marshall can reconnect anything like they did in Denver, this definitely helps the Bears. However, WRs are still the most over-valued players in football and signing one won’t make the Bears as good as the Packers or Lions.

  5. PackerBob

    Don’t underestimate the Bears with this trade. Culter and Marshall were on fire when they played together in Denver. Add Forte to the mix and you have a very dangerous offense. The NFC North may be the toughest division in football this season. It’s not gonna be a cake walk for the Pack.

  6. denniseckersley

    Have you fucknuts lost your goddamn minds?

    You’re afraid of Cuntler?! For fucks sake – that vagina has a 67.5 career passer rating against the pack

  7. Ron Mexico

    I’ve heard Cutler and Marshall did not get along off the field, maybe these two numbskulls will tear each other apart in the locker room. Additionally, there are reports that Marshall was arrested on Sunday night for hitting a woman in the face at a club, maybe the Dolphins just washed their hands of a problem and fleeced the Bears for two picks? Otherwise this move makes no goddamned sense.

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