A.J. Hawk Has An Explanation For His Shitty Year

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A.J. Hawk

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk is accountable for his actions. So, on Thursday he explained to everyone why he had such a shitty season in 2011.

He forgot how to tackle.

That’s right. In his sixth season in the NFL, Hawk suddenly just forgot how to tackle dudes. It happens to the best of us, after all. At least, that’s more or less what he said on ESPN Radio.

“I’m sure stat-wise this year it probably doesn’t look like I had as good a year as I had in the past,” Hawk said. ” I felt like early on in the year I definitely missed more tackles than I would like and let the running backs catch the ball out of the backfield on me and that definitely wasn’t acceptable. But me and [inside linebackers coach Winston] Moss kind of worked on a technique of how we were going to change that up, and I think for the most part, toward the end, I felt like I was getting a lot better.”

So, essentially, Winston Moss had to teach a former No. 5 overall draft pick how to wrap a guy up and bring him to the ground again? That’s superb.

Why is a guy who’s been an NFL starter for six years, a guy who was given a huge new contract before the season, getting tackling lessons during the season?

I’ll tell you why. Because A.J. Hawk is a mediocre football player. Always has been. Always will be. And because he was chosen so high in the draft, he’s undoubtedly one of Ted Thompson‘s biggest busts.

Hawk had 84 tackles, 1.5 sacks and no interceptions in 2011. Now that’s what I call a playmaker!

Can the D.J. Smith era begin soon enough?

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17 Comments on "A.J. Hawk Has An Explanation For His Shitty Year"

  1. Kevin

    Despite being a cap hit against the Pack, I’ve read that we may try to trade him during the draft. It may be wishful thinking, but what can we get for him? Who would want Hawk?

  2. Pio

    Hawk has been solid at best. He’s a good Packer in that he works hard in the weight room (maybe too hard, since he’s so bulky he looks unnatural on the field) and he’s a good member of the community. If he had been a 5th round pick, he’d be considered a decent investment. The best we can hope for from him is another season like 2010.

  3. iltarion

    AJ Hawk is a quality starter. He would have had another 100 tackle season if the coaching staff hadn’t forced him to sit 2 games.

    He was a starting ILB for the #2 ranked defense in 2009 and the #5 ranked defense in 2010, a defense that under his captaincy won a Super Bowl.

    Look at every #5 overall pick taken since AJ Hawk. He has had a better career than any of them.

    In no way, shape or form is he a bust.

    • A quality starter???? I’m sorry but have you lost your mind! He can’t cover! You just read the article, he HAD TO LEARN TO TACKLE!!! In this defense he would have a lot of tackles! In a 3-4 that’s what happens!! What everybody else see’s that you clearly don’t is if he was worth a damn perhaps most of his tackles wouldn’t be after a 7 yard gain. How many times do you need to see him be out of position of 4 or 5 steps behind! Most are a step behind, Hawk is 4 or 5 EVERYTIME.

  4. A.J. Hawk just sucks! He always has and always will. He’s so damn slow it’s painful to watch him play ball. It’s bad enough Thompson drafted him in 1st place but to his defense, Hawk had a great combine and any team would have choose him there. What I will never understand is why Thompson gave him that contract last year! Did he not see that for 5 straight years Hawk sucked! Can’t cover, can’t tackle, can’t play!!! Then to to it off let Jenkins walk. Thompson took a bottle of stupid pills last season. It’s not Hawks fault that Thompson threw a boatload of money at him. The ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS IS TO CUT HAWK NOW!!!!!!! Let him go play somewhere else to learn how to tackle again. Stick D.J. Smith in there (the next London Fletcher), trade some of your mid-round picks to the Raiders for Wembley to play the other side of Clay Matthews and get D-Line help in 1st two rounds with a Safety / corner in 3, O-Line help in 4th and then whatever. By getting Wembley and Thompson hitting on a D-Lineman for once were in the SB again!

  5. nurseratchett

    What changed so significantly last season that drove our defensive demise #32? Everyone was a bust last season; everyone’s performance was down. Coaching? Scheme? Lack of leadership? It didn’t rest solely on Hawk’s shoulders.

  6. I Got Woodson

    Every top five pick can’t be an all-time great — it doesn’t work that way. I expected more from Hawk, but he’s stayed healthy and been above average and you need plenty of guys like that. Not everyone on the roster can be a superstar.

    Yes, we overpaid for him but don’t try and call Ted Thompson an idiot. Like everyone he’s imperfect, but he put together a championship team and has the roster loaded for the near future. Give credit where it’s due.

    And I love me some D.J. Smith, but we don’t really know what he can do. What we’ll probably do (because it’s a good idea) is keep Hawk for at least a year or two while we develop guys behind him. He’ll be ok in the meantime and him plus Smith plus whoever we get will give us decent depth.

  7. Savage57

    Just like you can’t coach tall in basketball,

    You can’t coach fast in football.

    The guy just has lead feet.

  8. Anthony


    Bust may not be the right words but Major disappointment would be for #5 pick. You expect that pick to be a Ray Lewis type.

    Maybe not Ray Lewis type, but at the very least, a guy who will be a really good middle linebacker over a 10-12 year career who should be a top 10 guy at his position in the NFL… Not a guy who has been average his whole career.

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