Vikings Not Leaving For L.A.: Pros And Cons

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Well, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your point of view, the Minnesota Vikings don’t look like they’ll be relocating to Los Angeles. That’s because those useless shitbags finally look like they have a deal for a new stadium in Minneapolis.

If all goes according to plan, the stadium will be built on or near the current site of the Metrodome, cost $975 million and the cost will be divided up between the city, state and team.

Under the preliminary deal, the city would contribute $150 million in construction costs to the downtown Minneapolis project. The state would add $398 million, while the Vikings would pay $427 million. The city also would pay approximately $180 million in operating costs over the next 30 years, multiple sources close to the negotiations said.

The deal isn’t finalized, but is expected to be finished by next week. It will still need to be approved by the state legislature and city council, which could derail the deal if they see fit. The city council looks like it will be the biggest obstacle. The Star Tribune reports a majority is against a stadium subsidy without a citywide referendum.

Anyway, assuming the deal gets done, let’s look at the pros and cons of the Vikings remaining in Minnesota.


  • traditional rivalry with the Green Bay Packers will remain
  • no divisional realignment will be necessary
  • ignorant, inbred, sheep-fucking Vikings fans will not jump on Packers bandwagon and pretend they were there all along
  • when you go to Minneapolis to watch Packers thrash Vikings, you won’t have to sit in the Econo Lodge of stadiums


  • ignorant, inbred, sheep-fucking Vikings fans will remain right next door
  • Packers won’t get to play in Los Angeles, giving you vacation excuse
  • can’t make fun of Vikings shitty, hole-in-the-roof stadium much longer
  • won’t be able to turn full vitriol and hatred to Chicago Bears

You see, it’s about a horse a piece, but we like to think the pros probably outweigh the cons by a hair. So, this is probably a good thing. That is, unless they fuck it up in true Minnesota Vikings fashion at the last minute.

Stay tuned.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

13 Comments on "Vikings Not Leaving For L.A.: Pros And Cons"

  1. Al

    Ha! Only team to win 15 regular season games and NOT win a play-off game…name it. Enjoy that piece of history forever.

    • iltarion

      Forever? That distinction will probably last a couple years at best. It’s called parity.

      And yeah, I enjoyed being 13-0 and winning 15 games VERY MUCH. How did the 13 losses go for you??

  2. iltarion

    Its all good. As hilarious as it was to give the most unfortunate fans in sports a hard time about their team moving to LA, it wouldn’t be the same without the Vikings to kick around.

    Now build us another great stadium we can own whenever we come there. Thanks.

  3. Hacksaw

    The 15 wins and losing in the playoffs is easy to stomach when you’ve won 4 Superbowls one being last year. Losing 4 Superbowls and not making it back since the 70’s, now that’s a piece of history to remember. Not to mention having a field goal opportunity in the bag to go to the Superbowl and blowing it with a 12 men on the field penalty and a Brent Favre interception. The 6 fumbles did’nt help either. If the Pack was a shitbag team like your Viqueens, Al, us fans would all dwell on what might have been. But we don’t need to dwell on the loss to the Giants because our success out weighs the failures unlike the Viqueens. So to “name it” I would go with “A shitty day in an outstanding season”

    Fuck the Vikings, they suck total ass, Skoal that losers!
    Go Pack Go!

  4. Rosco

    Packer fans, you should be ashamed of this website. Unable to articulate a sentence without crass language and inter-species sexual references. As a Vikings fan, thought more of you guys than this gutter talk. Have some class.

    • Savage57

      Viking fan, if the site offends you, when you see the URL pop up in the browser (or God forbid, type it in), DON’T CLICK ON IT. Then you won’t be offended by the “crass” language and Packer fans can go about joyfully extolling whatever opinions we want about Minneshithole.

      If we wanted Viking fans to visit the site, it wouldn’t be called “Total Packers”. It would be named something like “Total Futility”, or “Totally Fucked Up”, or how about “Totally Irrelevant to any Meaningful Discussion About Pro Football”.

      Get it?

  5. E. Wolf

    As much as I hate the Vikimgs, I feel bad for the people of Minnesota, in that they have been subjected end of an Arty Model shakedown. They pay over half the cost to finance a wealthy billionaire, and yet he succors 100 percent of the prophet. ….
    This is corporate welfare at its very worst.

  6. Hacksaw

    Well put guys. Just remember that any insult from a Viking fan can easily be nullified. That’s why they usually resort to teenage insults that have no bearing. Go Pack!

  7. Jim

    E. Wolf has it right. I am a Packer fan living in Minneapolis and its been interesting to watch this stadium situation. Polls here in Minnesota are overwhelmingly against public funding for a new stadium, probably because subsidizing Wilf to the tune of $650,000,000 or so is just a bad idea. And Lester Bagley, the Vikings Vice President of Public Affairs and Stadium Development, what an arrogant S.O.B. he is. The Packers and Brown County took the high road and put it to a vote. I hope that happens here in Minneapolis.

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