It Looks Like Aaron Rodgers Will Get His Own Day

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Aaron Rodgers

Thanks to a Facebook campaign, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will likely get his own day in Wisconsin. The state Assembly unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday declaring 12/12/12 Aaron Rodgers Day.

The Senate will have to pass it as well for it to become official, but what dick is going to vote against it? No one.

Rodgers thanked the fans via Twitter.

Very flattered and honored that 12/12/12 is in the works. Thank u to the efforts of Jennifer Brilowski and our many incredible fans

This all came about thanks to a Facebook page created by Stevens Point’s Jennifer Brilowski, who created the page last year.

The idea came from the movie Spinal Tap, where the main character had a famous line about his amplifier that “goes to 11.”

“On 11/11/11, a lot of people were joking around on Facebook about having Nigel Tufnall Day, and I said 12/12/12/ should be Aaron Rodgers Day,” explained Brilowski.

“It took on a life of its own.”

The Assembly kind of took it from there. No word on what exactly will happen on Aaron Rodgers Day yet, but we’ll stay on top of it and let you know if there’s anything you need to do.

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9 Comments on "It Looks Like Aaron Rodgers Will Get His Own Day"

  1. james ircink

    It won’t ever be as great as 4/4/4 a day that will live in infamy,

    To Brett w/love the Ircink Family!

    • Chad Lundberg

      This dumbass doesn’t know that 4/4/4 is impossible. We’re already 8 years past that.

      Hey moron, if you’re gonna troll, do it right.

      • Dave

        Good call Chad…….. It’s not like he was talking about a day in the past. I mean saying something won’t be “as great as” doesn’t have any implications to that day already happening. good point buddy.

  2. iltarion

    No, Brett already has his day. Its called Asshat Day, and it is every other fricking day except for A-Rodge Day.

  3. james ircink

    12/12/12 may be the day he announces his retirement from a vicious beat down from my main man Jarrad ‘meat stick’ Allen

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