Here’s Johnny Jolly From Prison [Video]

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Johnny Jolly

You remember Johnny Jolly, don’t you?

He’s the former Green Bay Packers defensive end who was too dumb to steer clear of codeine and Purple Drank, uh… too many times to count. So, he ended up suspended from the NFL — for multiple positive drug tests — and serving a six-year prison sentence for carrying enough codeine to kill a small village.

Jolly is in the midst of that sentence and one of the local Houston stations stopped by to chat with Jolly, who talks more about his addiction.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

9 Comments on "Here’s Johnny Jolly From Prison [Video]"

  1. Jonathan Laws

    He isn’t dumb for getting caught. He has an addiction, when you have an addiction it takes precedent over common sense. roger Goodell completely screwed up Johnny Jolly’s life by throwing him out of the league instead of helping him. He’s not a criminal, he’s an addict and the league should have been there to help, not to remove him from the only controlled system in his life.

  2. peter

    interesting the the nfl’s policy of suspending guys from the team made his problem worse. They should probably look at changing that and maybe just not let them be on the field on game days.

    • Taryn

      His stupidity made it worse for him,not the NFL.Whole world in his hands and the NFL is to blame….you should put the DRANK down yourself.

      • peter

        did you even watch the video he was deeply depressed and addicted and cut off from his support group what did you expect him to do than continue his addiction .

  3. Kathy

    I really take exception to your characterization of this man as “too dumb…”, etc. Drug addiction is a disease. Sure, he never should have done it and yes, that may be the “dumb” part. But he is an addict – plain and simple.

    You do a huge disservice to those people who battle this disease day by day, minute by minute. second by second.

    Until you walk a mile in this man’s shoes, until you yourself truly understand the devastation this disease can bring to families and communities, you are just part of the problem. And God forbid you ever have to face it up close and personal.

    I hope and pray that Mr. Jolly can finally turn his life around and become a sober, valuable, contributing member of our society.

    • Taryn

      The only way I could walk a mile in his or any other addicts shoes to be as stupid and naive to think that using drugs for pleasure and seeing what happens to others and still do it.
      No matter how low an IQ,no matter the circumstance in which I live would or could induce me to be that friggig stupid period.
      Save the bleeding heart for those who earn it,not paid athletes who are given the opportunities to hold the world in their hands and toss it away.
      When is enough chances given..2.5.15,infinite amount,a loser is a loser and he proved himself just that.END OF STORY till the next loser.

  4. Nick

    Shut the hell up, Taryn. You are showing your ignorance cleary. I’m sure you grew up in a strict family household that condemned drugs, and you grew up without them in your life; Jolly sure didn’t have the same. And all it takes is trying it once to form an addiction.

    I don’t blame all of this on the NFL, though I believe it’s mostly a reflection of how governments treat most drug violations as a criminal matter and not health matter.

    • Taryn

      No,I grew up one of eight kids and no where near well to do but a small step above poverty.What I did learn is don’t blame the Gov,society,your home town or the others in your situation for the actions that you know are either right or wrong.
      I would have sympathy for the kid born of a mother who used drugs during pregnancy and was born one,but Jolly got out of the ghetto and chose to go back,stay and was not born an addict.
      Addiction is a disease when contracted not self induced as with stupidity,one choses not to be or choses to act or actually be stupid.

  5. Savage57

    Not knowing his situation nor having walked in his shoes, I wouldn’t even dare to proclaim what was right, wrong or indifferent about what happenend to him or why it happened.

    What I do know is that for JJ and all the other lost souls who suffer the same fate…

    What a goddamn waste of a life.

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