Check Out Matt Flynn’s Girlfriend Lacey Minchew [Photos]

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Yeah, I told you we had nothing to do this week.

The stupid fucking Super Bowl is going on featuring two teams we could give two shits about. That means all is quiet on the Green Bay Packers front.

So, we’re going to give you this: backup quarterback Matt Flynn‘s girlfriend Lacey Minchew. Dare we say she’s probably even hotter than starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ girlfriend Destiny Newton (judge for yourself here)?

Here’s what we know about Minchew. She attended LSU with Matt. She was Miss Teen America in 2002 and Miss Louisiana in 2009. Now she’s — you guessed it — a model and actress.

She’s appeared in such classics as Revenge of the Bridesmaids and Terror Trap. We suspect she played some hot girl who didn’t say much. Anyway, here’s a gallery for you to waste some time with.

(Via Busted Coverage)

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16 Comments on "Check Out Matt Flynn’s Girlfriend Lacey Minchew [Photos]"

  1. The Floridian Packer Fan

    haha, I vote for Lacey Minchew.

    Side note:Really wish there was a way that BOTH teams could loose this game.

  2. Packersfan!

    She looks at least 35 and half the pictures dont look up to date. Big chin, ugly nose. sorry, Rodgers girl wins by a landslide.

  3. nurseratchett

    Pointy chin is a little weird…..a little elf-like. If I was in to chicks, I’d still have to go with Aaron’s girl, Destiny, but as a straight girl, I will defer to all the swinging in the room…..

  4. Kyle65

    Doesnt do it for me. I agree with last 3 posts. She’s a chick who’s just awful without her make up and photoshop. How old is she? Has to be mid 30’s

  5. ro

    she is pretty, but she is definitely prettier in pictures all done up than let’s say if you saw her on the street, and even in these pictures, she is not the most beautiful girl going, but i guess all of what i am saying applies to most girls

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