Aaron Rodgers At The Playboy Party [Photos]

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We’re gonna start some shit right here.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was at the Playboy party during Super Bowl weekend. That’s him and Shaquille O’Neal taking in the scenery. We kind of have to wonder if old ARod wasn’t drunk at the party because by the looks of the photo, he’s getting pretty handsy with old Shaq. What’s up with the hand on the leg, bro?

Anyway, guess who else was at the Playboy party. Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend Jessica Szohr.

Of course, Rodgers has been dating hometown girl Destiny Newton (photos) for some time. Was she at the Playboy party? We have no evidence that she was. What are we suggesting?

I think you know, which brings us to this important question.

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17 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers At The Playboy Party [Photos]"

  1. ferdapack56

    If you’re a black athlete do you have to give the 2 fingered sideways piece sign when your picture is taken? See Greg Jennings pictures for exhibit B

  2. iltarion

    Am I the only person who is growing a little concerned about A-Rodge’s celebrity? I am thinking of Tony Romo here.

    If Dude wants to be a real leader, he needs to grow up and become a man: meaning get married and have kids.

    A playboy is no leader of men.

    • darrin

      What, ARod can’t get his picture taken in public? They guy is a bona-fide star in the biggest sport in the country. I suppose he could be more like Tebow and profess to be a virgin if that would help his image.

  3. Ed Gein

    These comments are all fucked up. The dude doesnt need to answer to anyone. Untill he’s caught blowing Andy Dick, he’s boss and answers to nobody. Shaq probably had cold legs.

  4. DD

    There was no limper dick than this faggot’s at the Playboy Mansion. I like how this website keeps saying he’s “dating” someone without any real story behind it. The dude fucks guys. Get over it.

  5. Hacksaw

    DD, you seem the most interested in A Rods sex life. It’s OK if you’re gay DD, nobody’s gonna judge you. Take that giant leap, step out of the closet, it’s 2012. Being gay is accepted now. Being a biggot has’nt been considered cool since the 60’s.

  6. nurseratchett

    Gay? are you kidding me? As a long-time Fag Hag (although I think the new politically correct term is Fruit Fly), I have some experience with this. First and foremost, no self respecting gay man would go out in public with that hair cut. Secondly, Gay men dress better than Aaron does.


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