Of Course B.J. Raji Has Something To Say About The Giants

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B.J. Raji

The New York Giants have been talking a big game all week.

Well, apparently B.J. Raji has heard enough, so the Green Bay Packers defensive lineman decided to give them some bulletin-board material of their own.

Raji more or less trashed the Giants offensive line and tight ends in an interview with Newsday.

“Not to say they’re soft,” Raji said via Barbara Barker of Newsday. “But it’s not the toughest group I’ve been against.”

The big man went on to compliment the Giants receivers before taking a shot at the tight ends Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, who, let’s face it, aren’t really that impressive.

“I don’t think their tight ends are in a position to say too much. They’re not the best players at that position we’ve seen,” Raji said.

Whether Raji’s assessments are true or not is really a moot point. The real question is whether he should be giving the Giants any sort of additional motivation.

We’ll see if it matters on Sunday.

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17 Comments on "Of Course B.J. Raji Has Something To Say About The Giants"

  1. darrin

    His statement is fair. He didn’t guarantee a win like JPP, he simply said they aren’t “that tough”. Same thing Beckum said about GB secondary, which is also a fair statement, especially watching Peprah and Burnett in coverage all year. Guess what – every team has weaknesses. None of it means shit anyway. The better team will win on the field regardless of what is said beforehand.

  2. John

    Raji hasn’t done squat this year since the Super Bowl. He should shut his pie hole and actually touch the QB AND stop the Giants running game Sunday. Why is he talking about their receivers?

  3. Ryan

    I don’t care if his statement is fair… Why say it? What good can possibly come from it? Honestly, I think his statement is more “bulletin-board material” than what the Giants said. They said they are confident – they should be; they are a good team playing their best football. Raji called out a specific unit of the NYG… On top of that, the d-line, that Raji is a huge (literally) member of has been possibly the weakest part of this team. He really has no room to talk and I wish he would just shut up.

    • darrin

      Giants TE Beckum called out the Packers secondary first, saying they are weak in coverage. Raji was asked to comment, which he did, saying their OL is soft, and that their TE’s had no business calling any secondary weak. I wouldn’t call either comment trash talking. Hell, you can watch game film and come to the same conclusion on both. On the other hand, Raji calling the Falcons OL cheap is spot-on, and something other teams have said.

  4. Kojack

    Don’t trash talk. Like Jerry Rice, let your play on the field “do the talking”- and show humility.

  5. Brad

    Also, if the Packers are dedicating the game to Michael Philbin, they should show modesty when the score or make a big play show respect – JMO.

  6. Madcity Packer Fan

    First of all FUCK THE GIANTS!!! If anyone here has a set of balls you will state the obvious and see the those fucking cunts are going to get there got damn bitch asses kicked on Sunday! Geez!!

  7. Savage57

    The only way Raji atones for running his mouth is a strip-sack, fumble recovery and rumble to the end-zone where we get to see the Raji, version 2.0.

  8. Andrew Chitko

    According to Pro Football Focus (they grade every player on every play of every game and are very well-respected for their accuracy) BJ Raji graded out DEAD LAST of 88 DT/NT that played at least 25% of the snaps.

    When he made the Pro Bowl, one of their writers went off on him like I’d never seen before….check it out. Here’s the excerpt after the last Lions game. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/01/02/re-focused-lions-packers-week-17/

    Relevant Raji

    While the Pro Bowl is now considered a universal symbol of inadequacy, certain selections go beyond poor and border on the surreal. In what world can a player as big as B.J. Raji (-3.5) play so poorly for so long and still make the trip? It’s inconceivable to think of a 350lb man as invisible, but despite playing 79% of all defensive snaps, his play is generally undetectable.

    In 885 snaps he’s picked up three sacks, one hit, 16 hurries and 13 tackles. Thirteen. One-three. In almost 200 less snaps Brandon Mebane has 37. Thirteen is the same number as the following NFC interior linemen with their snaps in parentheses; Shaun Rodgers (301), Trevor Laws (315), Dan Williams (244), Matt Toeaina (401), Letroy Guion (508).

    No doubt we’ll have some comments below about how “he was always double-teamed” or “he was standing up the center so someone else could make a play”. I hope not, because that would be rubbish; complete unadulterated nonsense. The truth is he’s been terrible, but no one with a vote watches enough football to either do the right thing or care. If one of the 50 souls with an All-Pro vote sees fit to waste it on him then they should have it confiscated immediately. If you are interested in what he contributed in this game then there is plenty of footage of him leaning on Detroit linemen and absolutely none of him helping his team.

    Wow huh. There’s more…

    B.J. Raji, NT, Green Bay Packers

    PFF Rating: -15.6

    PFF Conference Ranking: Last of 88

    Analysis: Raji started off the year hot but since then? Well he’s our lowest rated tackle in the NFC so that should tell you everything. He doesn’t get off blocks to make tackles, and rarely penetrates into the backfield with his play being bad enough to result in a reduction in playing time. Gone are those dominant displays and now you rarely notice that he’s on the field. That is what has become of Raji so his selection, more than any other, discredits the Pro Bowl. Sure Kevin Williams isn’t the player he once was, and sure Alan Branch doesn’t have a big reputation, but those guys are actually influencing games. Heck, we’ve criticized Ndamukong Suh before but at least he consistently generates pressure on the QB. Raji, in 2011, has done so little on so many snaps he shouldn’t even been in the conversation. A real fail on this front.

    Key Fact: Has made 10 defensive stops all year. That’s less than a player like Isaac Sopoaga.

  9. Ryan

    Great stuff Andrew, albeit a bit disheartening. As I said above, he is a part of the weakest link on this team and really has no room to talk. Its simple: Nothing good can come from him talking.

  10. DevilDon

    You fucking goofs. Bulletin board material? The Giants were all but dead a few weeks ago, they are as fired up as they are ever going to be. Raji can say he sticks Coughlin’s wife on weekends and they can’t be any more fired up.
    Packers have a chance to repeat as champs after an incredible defending season. There’s not one player on the Packers roster that isn’t ready to give it all.
    Blasting Raji on his stats? You people are dumber than a toad. He’s been there and done that all season long. Without any help on either side of him what the hell do you think his numbers will be?

  11. Apeshit

    885 fuckin snaps!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Maybe that has something to fuckin do with it… Let’s see what he does Sunday with a week off…

  12. Andrew Chitko

    I hope he’s reading this right now, gets angry, and comes out like Forest Whitaker in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High.’

    My point in bringing this up is that not one other person on the Packers team has said anything even remotely looking like bulletin board material. That oneness demonstrates a unified front of a team completely dialed in to their own responsibilities. The opponent doesn’t matter because if the Packers execute, they have no chance. I guarantee that’s how McCarthy and company wants it and he just weakened his team.

    Bottom line, if ARodge or someone who has actually performed at a high level was spouting off it’s one thing. For Raji to say anything about anyone is ridiculous and is undoubtedly stepping outside the circle.

    He better show up in a big way.

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