Joe Philbin’s Son Is Missing

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The son of Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin has been reported missing.

Police in Oshkosh say 21-year-old Michael T. Philbin of Ripon was last heard from around 2 a.m. Sunday. He had been visiting friends in Oshkosh that evening. He was reported missing on Sunday evening.

From a football standpoint, this doesn’t bode well for the Packers as they prepare to face the New York Giants this week. While we’re sure Mike McCarthy will keep the team focused, Philbin’s mind has to be elsewhere.

Philbin interviewed with the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs for their open head coaching positions last week. The Chiefs opted to hire interim coach Romeo Crennel, while the Dolphins’ vacancy remains open.

Although we don’t really know much about the Philbins’ personal life, Michael was convicted of sexually assaulting — as the AP describes it — “two young girls” and two counts of battery in 2009. He spent six months in jail.

Let’s hope he’s just on a bender and turns up soon.

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10 Comments on "Joe Philbin’s Son Is Missing"

  1. Killa

    So what. One less scumbag on the loose if he’s dead. And as for the football side of things, I think we all know Rodgers called all the first half offense against Detroit. That turned out well. Worse comes to worse he can call the plays from the field. I dont see this being an issue.

    • Asimov

      McCarthy calls the plays during games. Philbin helps develop the gameplan during the week and assists in positional coaching during games.

    • Kozak

      Moron. No matter what he’s the kids father, although from your comment I doubt anyone would morn your drowning.

    • ferdapack56

      Not saying the kid did nothing wrong but his sexual assault was when he was 17 against two 16yo girls at a drinking party he held. Don’t think it was right for the media to include that in their story about him missing since it had no bearing on his disappearance. That led to heartless douche bags like above who go and say something stupid like “One less Scumbag on the Earth”

  2. jeff ircink

    you know how some animals eat their young, or their own species…that’s the commenters on this site. fans that bash your own Off. coord’s dead son. classy.

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