Jennings: Rodgers Better Than Favre

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Greg Jennings

If the Green Bay Packers win another Super Bowl this season, the debate over whether Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback will probably be moot. Receiver Greg Jennings has already made up his mind, though.

Jennings thinks Rodgers is already the better quarterback.

“They both bring different things to the table, but honestly right now I definitely have to go with … Aaron, his body of work at such a young age, his attention to detail, his discipline, I think it’s really second to none — its un-paralleled,” Jennings said on “The Ian O’Connor Show” on Sunday when asked which player he thought was the better quarterback.

“You haven’t really found a QB that has done it the way (Rodgers) has done it,” Jennings said. “I mean you have the young guys that are coming out and they’re making a huge impact in this game … but his attention to detail and his discipline to be perfect or so close to perfect I think that’s really going to separate himself … his study habits are … they speak volume for themselves.”

Although we could sit here and debate this topic all day, Jennings certainly has a point.

Favre was never known as a student of the game or someone who was great at preparation. He was the gunslinger. He got by more with his huge arm and raw talent then he did by studying his opponent all week.

You can see the difference on the field.

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12 Comments on "Jennings: Rodgers Better Than Favre"

  1. ay hombre

    He’s probably thought it for a long time but the timing on this feels like a calculated move on Jennings part.

    Packers fans are a little nervous, people are really talking up the Giants, we’re about to defend on our own field and Jennings drops this right now for public consumption to give his quarterback an extra nudge and maybe even a little pressure.

    I love it. Go Pack Go!

  2. DD

    So if Rodgers wins another Superbowl this year (which would be one more than Peyton Manning as well), and then he stinks it up for 2 or 3 years and they bring in another QB and they trade him, then what? After Rodgers career is over I’ll make the determination. Other than that, Rodgers looks like Balki from Perfect Strangers.

  3. Savage57

    Favre or Rodgers? Neither was better, both were their own men and succeeded in their own fashion at one of the most difficult jobs in all of sports.

    I can’t for a minute discount or forget the sheer excitement that Brett brought with him every week, no more than I could diminish the steely resolve, consistency and productivity of AR.

    It’s a case of AND not OR.

  4. realfan23

    how can you say Rodgers is a better qb than Favre. No way Favre is a 3xMVP Rodgers Once. Yea Favre threw ints in critical moments but look at Rodgers with his fumble against Arizona and his awful game against NY last year. Rodgers will be just like Favre he will be exciting to watch. You can’t always win the big one even if you think it’s your year. People need to understand sports not everything goes your teams way just because your the better team. It’s the way of the game and it sucks when the better team loses but that’s sports.

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