Dolphins Will Hire Joe Philbin

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Joe Philbin

The Miami Dolphins will make Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin their next head coach.

Adam Schefter first reported the news.

Philbin interviewed twice with the Dolphins, once on Jan. 7 and again on Wednesday. He interviewed Thursday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coaching vacancy, a league source told Schefter.

Philbin’s son died in Oshkosh the week before the Packers were eliminated from the playoffs by the New York Giants. Philbin began interviewing for head coaching vacancies the week before — he also interviewed in Kansas City.

The question now for the Packers is who will replace Philbin. Wide receivers coach Edgar Bennett is seemingly being groomed for the job, but the question is whether he’s ready.

Whether it’s Bennett or someone else, we’re sure Mike McCarthy had a plan in place for this eventuality.

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22 Comments on "Dolphins Will Hire Joe Philbin"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    Good for Joe!!! I believe he will be a fine Head Coach & i will cheer for the Phins within their division!

  2. Walter

    Good luck Joe. I wish you success. I just heard on the news that they have had like 7 coaches in 8 years,

    • Richard

      Yeah, Viking lover!! If you’re not a complacent Packer fan that is thrilled about the fact that your 15-1 juggernaut just lost to a 9-7 team that bullied them for 60 minutes, then you must be a Viking fan. There is no other explanation.

  3. Xavier

    If we made Bennet OC we would probably lose Clements to Miami because ge could go there and be OC. We should make Clements OC and then keep Bennet as WR coach!

  4. ay hombre

    I don’t think McCarthy would give Edgar the offensive coordinator position that quickly. He’s been the receiver’s coach for one year and hasn’t proven himself in that capacity.

    Clements is revered within the coaching ranks and is a heavy favorite to get the job. If he goes to Miami, I think Ben McAdoo would be higher on the list than Bennett but would not rule us going outside the organization at that point.

    Mike Martz anyone? Kidding! Kidding! Just take it easy now….

  5. Savage57

    Why can’t all this movement be occuring with the defensive staff?

    It’s not like anyone on that side of the ball would be terribly missed.

  6. Four Lombardi's

    These shitheads Pat, Richard, and Walter are actually one little person with nothing more to do than harass Packer fans. They claim to be upset Packer fans but if that were true they would’nt pick fights with other Packer fans. If they were true adult fans they would realize that nothing is worth being that big of a prick to people over.

    None the less, this pussy hiding behind three names is not a Packer fan. Maybe he’ll suffocate on his pillow tonight and the harassment will end.

  7. Richard

    Is that you Buddy? You can’t fool anyone with your new username. Your reference to suffocating on a pillow gave you away, as nobody else on this board makes homosexual references or talks about male organs in every post.

  8. Walter

    If you look above, Four Lombardi’s, all I did was wish the coach luck. You called me a Viking troll and a piece of shit. In the other thread Buddy started the fight by telling someone to hang them self. So who started fights with other Packer fans? I guess that would be you and Buddy.

  9. Richard

    I don’t like it when people figure me out. I’m bored and have nothing better to do than be a jerk to people online, even though I’m feeble physically. I hope my Vikings do better than 3-13 next year. I live in Canada as well.

  10. Walter

    Yes, the name Buddy is a gay reference, right? Skoal Vikings! We will have games we should have won next year. I don’t like the Packers either.

  11. Richard

    C’mon now buddy, you have to be more subtle if your gonna try and post under someone else’s name. Can’t you do anything right?

  12. Richard

    Skoal Vikings? Is that some sort of a mix between your love for the ViQueens fight song and your love for chewing tobacco?

  13. Walter

    Cool, so someone else is posting as Walter. I didn’t know wtf Skoal Vikings meant so I googled it. Apparently there is a fight song called Skol Vikings. Hey Buddy learn to spell.

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