Brad Jones Wastes Dude Who Runs On Field [Video]

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A fan ran on the field while the Green Bay Packers were playing the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

He made a pretty good show for himself. He actually had a good run around the field, whooped it up for a bit and then… the inevitable. He got wasted, but not by the cops.

Packers linebacker Brad Jones took it upon himself to take dude down. And then the cops came in and jumped him and cuffed him.

Game over.

Here’s the video.

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10 Comments on "Brad Jones Wastes Dude Who Runs On Field [Video]"

  1. iltarion

    I was at the game and that was just another awesome moment during the game.

    We all went crazy when Brad Jones body slammed that guy.

    Really, Jones did the guy a favor though. If he makes it all the way over the to Detroit players, he probably gets shanked.

  2. E. Wolf

    From what I understand, there is a 4,000 fine. The kid paid something like 750 in bail. Oh, and it seems he is not welcome back at Lambeau. Indeed, if he (or his parents) have seasons tickets, they will be revoked.

  3. Gordon

    I know it”s not right, but you must have made that kids day. He,ll be telling that story to his grand kids. Nice move Brad. You made a nice memory.

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