B.J. Raji Does The Discount Double Check [Video]

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B.J. Raji

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will probably never do The Belt celebration again.

Asshats from other teams throw it out after making a play. The awesome thing about that is, the Packers always whoop their ass and Rodgers takes note of it. We’d love to see his stats before and after some shitfuck like Ndamukong Suh or Jimmy Graham does The Belt celebration.

We’d bet they’re better after the fact. And yeah, we realize when Suh did it Matt Flynn was playing quarterback, but hell, that makes it even better. The Packers are so good, their backup fucked Ndamukong Suh’s mouth.

Discount double check that, cunt!

Anyway, we’re sure you’ve seen Rodgers’s State Farm commercial. There’s a new one with Rodgers and B.J. Raji, where the big boy steals Aaron’s move and then does some version of The Raji… or something.

Here it is.

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9 Comments on "B.J. Raji Does The Discount Double Check [Video]"

  1. iltarion

    Other than it is always nice to see A-Rodge, I am actually starting to get annoyed with these commercials.

    A-Rodge doesn’t even do the celebration anymore.

  2. jeff ircink

    “The Packers are so good, their backup fucked Ndamukong Suh’s mouth.” i don’t get it. this site is going downhill fast.

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