Who’s America’s Team?

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Jerry Jones

You’re goddam right you know who America’s team is. Not the shitbag Dallas Cowboys.

That’s right — the Green Bay Packers are America’s team, according to a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling.

22% of voters say the Packers are their favorite team in the NFL to 11% for the Cowboys, 8% for the Bears, Giants, and Steelers, 7% for the Saints, 6% for the Patriots, 4% for the Redskins, and 2% for the Jets. 24% say someone else is their favorite team or that they don’t have a favorite.

We also asked favorability questions about both the Cowboys and Packers. The Packers are seen positively by 57% of voters in the country to only 13% who have negative opinion. Their positive image is pretty universal- every subgroup we look at by ideology, gender, party, race, and age has a strong favorable opinion of them.  The Cowboys meanwhile are generally viewed negatively, with 29% of voters having a favorable opinion of them to 41% with a negative one.

Look, we have no idea who or what Public Policy Polling is. They could be two jackwagons on the street asking people if they like the Cowboys.

That being said, we’ve got something for you Jerry…

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

13 Comments on "Who’s America’s Team?"

  1. tequila

    I really enjoy the addition of Dre for Jerry Jones. That’s what makes you special, Monty. Also, fuck the Cowboys.

  2. Pack America’s team, maybe because hundreds of Thousands People are willing to Pay $250 to have a piece of paper to say there a GREEN BAY PACKER shareholder! There’s your DAGGEEEEEEERRRRRR!!
    GO PACK!

  3. Apeshit

    This fucking bull shit worn out story will not fucking die!!!! Who gives a flying fuck??? When the cowgirls win 3 sbs in a row 50 years from now I’m sure a new poll will say they are americas team. I am actually dumber after reading those stats and article…. DIE!!!! FUCKING DIE!!!!!

  4. Apeshit


    I’m a packer fan… Have been my whole life… Thanks for the suggestion but I’ll pass… All I’m saying is Jesus Christ how many times do we have to debate this…. Let’s move on!

    Happy Holidays!

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