Which Packers Are On Drugs?

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Sam Hurd

We told you yesterday about Chicago Bears receiver Sam Hurd getting arrested on federal drug charges. Well, it turns out Hurd’s operation, which allegedly distributed large quantities of coke and weed, was vast enough to include several NFL players.

Law enforcement officials say they have a list of NFL players who were Hurd clients. The list is in the double digits, according to reports.

I know we all like to think of the Green Bay Packers as a squeaky-clean bunch, but that would be completely naive. When we put two and two together — Chicago isn’t that far from Green Bay and there ain’t nothing but ditch weed and meth available in Titletown (so we’ve heard)… you see where we’re going with this.

We’re not trying to falsely accuse anyone, but we be almost surprised if one member of the Packers wasn’t on law enforcement’s list.

I mean, A.J. Hawk always looks a little stoned, but then, maybe he’s just dumb. He did go to Ohio State, after all. Morgan Burnett, or any of the dudes on the team with dreads? I’m sure none of those guys throw on some “Stir It Up” and blaze. Hell, what about the rockstar himself, Aaron Rodgers? Someone needs to be doing lines off strippers asses in that town!

I joke, of course. I also understand that the NFL tests for shit like this, but if you do some simple math you know these tests can be circumvented.

The law enforcement list is in double digits, yet only two guys have been suspended by the NFL for positive drug tests this season. So there you go.

And for no other reason than it’s almost that time. Here you go.

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5 Comments on "Which Packers Are On Drugs?"

  1. fannnatic

    only ditchweed in GB? LOL!!!! I haven’t seen shit weed up there in about 12 years….ONLY good stuff….not the same consistancy of stuff in cali…but people from there seem to think that they are the only ones who know how to grow good erbs. 450/lb is shit shwag that ONLY sells in ghetto’s. Trust me. That stuff wouldn’t sell in GB…now bl0w on the other hand….

    • JoeBuckSwag

      When you’re buying a half ton of bud at once, I wouldn’t doubt you could get some dank for that price. Plus buying bulk in other things, he’s bound to get some distributor love

  2. Kozak

    Lovie has GOT to be smoking weed. He always has that glassy eyed, slack jawed, fly catching look on his face on the sidelines.

  3. RodgerDat

    As long as they aren’t PED’s the nfl should mind ttheir own fuckin business. If using recreational drugs doesn’t affect a player’s behavior or performance who gives a fuck?

  4. Philllthy Phill

    I’m sorry but…I FUCKING LOVE THIS BLOG…glad to see some fucking humor without critics out in bunches, especially regarding this subject. I’m done.

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