Well, That Was Easy

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Ryan Grant

We’re a little slow on the draw here, but that’s because we were busy taunting Oakland Raiders fans all afternoon yesterday.

And for good reason. The Green Bay Packers thrashed what is supposed to be a playoff-caliber team 46-16. I can’t remember one point when the outcome was in doubt. The Packers rolled over Oakland 46-16 to move to 13-0 — three wins away from a perfect regular season.

It was team’s most complete win of the season. Both the offense and defense were dominant.

The Packers picked off Carson Palmer four times and linebacker Robert Francois, filling in for the injured A.J. Hawk and/or Desmond Bishop, looked like he should be a starter. Francois had nine tackles, a pick and a forced fumble.

Meanwhile, the Packers offense looked like, well… the Packers offense. Aaron Rodgers may not have been his sharpest, completing 17 of 30 for 281 yards, two touchdowns and an interception, but that really didn’t matter. The Packers did what they wanted pretty much whenever they wanted.

Running back Ryan Grant looked like his former self, running for 85 yards on 10 carries and two touchdowns. Even John Kuhn got in on the act with 46 yards for 10 carries.

We don’t really need to go over all the stats, though. The Packers turned in a dominant performance one week after their toughest game of the season.

They served notice to the rest of the NFL in a way they haven’t all season, with a win where they were dominant on both sides of the ball. If the Packers continue to play the way they did on Sunday, an undefeated season is a certainty.

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19 Comments on "Well, That Was Easy"

  1. Chuck W.

    My only worry is Week 17 against the Lions. They’re still a good team and could well be fighting for a playoff spot.

  2. Andy

    At this point undefeated doesnt matter to me, with the 49ers losing the 1# seed is almost locked in. Of course the chiefs and bears should be easy the lions will be fighting. Word is that Maccarthy wont pussy foot so he doesnt plan on losing a game until 2013

  3. Ryan

    My worry with the Lions has nothing to do with losing. I may be wrong, but the way I see it, if the Packers win on Sunday, they the worst they could end up is 14-2. The 49ers already have 3 losses. So, aren’t we guaranteed the #1 spot with a win.

    Back to the Lions: I think it has been well established (rightfully so) that the Lions are a dirty team. If we are 15-0 and trying to go for 16-0 by playing the starters, the worry for injury goes up more because of our opponents. The Lions were humiliated on Thanksgiving day and they will probably be seeking revenge. To me, revenge for that team means hurting as many Packers players as possible, especially Aaron Rodgers.

    MM should proceed with great caution in that game. 16-0 is cool, but a(nother) Super Bowl is far more important to me.

  4. nurseratchett

    I agree with Ryan.

    I don’t give a shit about a perfect season. I’m not against it; don’t blow it on purpose–hell GO FOR IT as long as no one key gets injured. Jennings’ injury scared me a little. I’m all for letting the starters start, but once we have home field throughout secured, sit ’em down after a quarter or a half at most. Give Flynn & the other guys we may not get/need to keep some exposure & maybe a starting gig somewhere.

    I get how historic a perfect season would be, but all that matters is back to back championships. In my opinion, last year was a perfect season.

    The Ring Is the Thing.

    GO PACK GO!!!

    • Adam

      In addition to this, it was also the Packers the sealed Detroits 0-16 season on the final week of 2008. I’m sure they’re using some of that as motivation against us on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  5. wisconsinfan

    we gotta go for the perfect season we cant pussy out now nomatter who it is were making history !!!

  6. iltarion

    I am not especially worried about the Lion’s game, but otherwise, Ryan is right. The only real concern at this point is injuries. Beat KC and the rest of the regular season doesn’t matter.

    Of course, you always want to beat the Bears and Lions. Hell, we probably have the ability to knock both of them out of the playoffs. That would be a nice little cherry on top.

    • Abe Frohman

      Injuries are a concern, but not the only one. Timing, continuity, rust, complacency – these are also big concerns I have with sitting the starters. Someone can get hurt on any play no matter the situation. They’re part of the game.

  7. Savage57

    At this point there’s a whole lot coming up in the next three weeks. Chiefs, with a new coach – either mass confusion or extremely gamed up to bring in the new coach right. Bears, wounded and looking for payback for the last three beatdowns at the hands of the Pack, maybe even trying to save Lovie’s job (but then who gives a flying fuck about the Bears coaches) so they’ll be desperate and dirty. And the Lions – who knows what pathology will show up that day. Going to be an interesting three weeks.

  8. rebelgb

    The Lions and Schwartz suck more donkey penis then a Puerto Rico hooker in Tijuana looking to feed her 4 fucking kids despite a nasty coke habit.

    Fuck the Lions I bet we beat them with our second string. Dirty douche bags…

    • Adam

      As a drug addicted Puerto Rican street mistress living in Tijuana and supporting her 4 children by fellating donkeys for money… I find this offensive.

  9. Madcity Packer Fan

    My only concern is going into the playoffs in good shape health wise. Win home field throughout the playoffs and then rest the guys that need rest and work the guys that need the work. The perfect season is unimportant in my view but it is attainable even with back up players.

  10. geopack

    We should start fucking with teams, like swapping complete first and second strings between downs. Just kidding.

  11. Chas

    If this team can make History try and do so. Play Packers football for 3 quarters and let Flynn and who ever the hell else is in to finish the job. This bullshit like they need a loss, or a loss would be good. A loss is a loss. Play to win, and win it all…

  12. Buddymobile

    I agree with chas. Why the hell would the Packers go out on Sunday saying, “Let’s not try too hard or else somebody might get injured, we can lose a few games no problem” FUCK THAT! These players are millionaires, therefore they will earn every penny and kick ass the rest of the way through. Go Pack! Go for perfection!

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