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11 Comments on "The Onion Takes On Aaron Rodgers [Video]"

  1. Hacksaw

    Unclassy to the max. These fucks have taken their jealousy to a whole new level. Just for that I hope they both choke to death on a ribeye steak while a honey badger knaws off their dick hand. Guys like that don’t get pussy.

  2. Hacksaw

    Saying someone should kill themself isn’t funny, even if they’re joking. If you knew someone who committed suicide you’d think otherwise. If not then you’re a sick fuck that needs to be locked away. They could have said Rodgers should take a shit on the 50 yard line on Sunday at Lambeau field. That’s funny coming from the Onion, but whether joking or not, talking about someone killing ones self is no joking matter.

  3. DevilDon

    Two lovers are going to commit lovers suicide. Each pointing a gun at each other’s head.
    The man drops his gun from against his blond lover’s head and says “oh, shoot……”
    Admin- how do I change my name from DevilDon to SickFuck.

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