The Bed Was Crapped In Kansas City

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The Green Bay Packers chance at history died with a whimper at the hands of the mediocre-at-best Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Packers offense didn’t bother to show, as the team fell 19-14, giving them their first loss of the season.

Aaron Rodgers had probably his worst game of the year, going 17-of-35 for 235 yards and only one passing touchdown. He wasn’t helped by his receivers who dropped several passes and his beat-up offensive line much, though.

Rodgers was sacked four times — three times by Tamba Hali — and pressured almost constantly as the offensive line lost both right tackle Bryan Bulaga and his replacement Derek Sherrod. The health of the offensive line will be key to the rest of the season and could be what eventually derails the Packers.

On the other side of the ball, the Packers defense was lackluster a week after playing their best game of the season. They came up with no sacks and no turnovers on the day and the team was outgained by more than 100 yards — 438 to 315. The Packers also lost the time of possession battle by more than 10 minutes — 36:11 to 23:49.

Those numbers tell the story of the game.

This is still the best team in the league, but their are some chinks in the armor right now.

The Packers will close the season with the Bears and Lions and can hopefully get healthy by the time the playoffs roll around. That will be key to this year’s Super Bowl run.

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44 Comments on "The Bed Was Crapped In Kansas City"

  1. rebelgb

    The defense has had 2 good games this year and everyone was jumping on their bandwagon. I never was fooled. This defense is very poor. Other than Matthews our LB’s are 2nd stringers, and we have Zero pass rush. Capers scheme is no longer fooling anyone (too many teams doing 3-4 now).

    As for our line, it seems the press is all over the struggles our line had after Sherrard went out, however I testify that our oline was getting its ass handed to it way before the injuries.

    Our line is suspect at best and Newhouse wouldnt be on most other teams rosters. Mccarthy was wisely grooming Sherrard to take over for Newhouse maybe as early as next week, but now that isnt going to happen.

    I never thought id say this shit: Someone please tell me Clifton is coming back soon…..

    • Asimov

      Had our offense put up their typical minimum of 24 points, no one would be calling out our defense. Sure, no turnovers, but 3 redzone stops and holding a team under 20 points should be a win for the defense.

      They are getting the short end of the stick in this loss.

      • Defense played well today. They held up on the goal line and played hard. You can’t hang this loss on them.

        The loss goes to the offense who clearly fucked up on more than a few things today.

        Why are we running early with Grant? — since when did we run the ball early and often?

        How many drops did the receiving core have today? Did Jordy Nelson take the first-half off or what? Made a point about him a few weeks ago, without Jennings he’s non-existent, he proved that today.

        Marshall Newhouse — joke

        Jermichael Finely – I have nothing positive to say about this guy. He cries when he doesn’t get looks then when he gets them he can’t catch worth shit. He has not done shit in this league and he’s talked about like he’s Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski. You aint that good JF.

        In the last two months the Pack have played a full four quarters just twice (NYG and SD) and they were lucky to beat the NYG. Every other game McCarthy throws the gears into cruise control by the 3rd quarter, and it was only a matter of time before it caught up to him. I’m surprised he didn’t try and re-establish the ground attack with Grant in the 2nd half.

  2. It was said best by Tom Silverstein today after the loss. “The same problems we saw today have been there all season long, except today those problems were exposed”. Aaron Rodgers is a much different quarterback right now than he was at the beginning of the season – can that be attributed to him hardly ever playing four full quarters of football?”

    How many drops did Finley have today? Did he set a franchise record? And how about the line today? Wow — they got incredibly exposed on the left side and proved once again that Newhouse is garbage and he’s probably going to get Rodgers killed in the playoffs.

    You could see this coming and everyone should notice the difference between the Saints and Green Bay right now this late in the season. New Orleans plays 4 full quarters of football on offense, they never stop driving the ball regardless of the score. Call it running up the score or whatever you want to — but the Pack have continually put games in cruise control way too early and sooner or later it was going to catch up to them.

    Since when is the Packer game plan switched from a pass first to a run first team? In the 1st Quarter McCarthy comes out running with Grant? Okay, I understand you want to establish your running game, but this team isn’t built that way — running the ball with Grant is pointless he’s a between the tackles runner with no short burst speed or quickness. Starks is twice the back he is to begin with. Just stupid gameplan all together and it cost them early. Was it too much to know coming into the game that KC was going to attempt to control the football and time of possession and keep GB off the field? SO WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU RUNNING?

    Maybe you want to rest the guys for the next two weeks heading into the playoffs now and go in ice cold? The Pack ended last season on a tear, they played four quarters of football, they stuck to their game plan and played hungry. I understand it’s just one loss but this team has clearly shown it’s weakness in weeks past and it starts with the mentality of playing four full quarters. If losing Jennings was that devastating to this offense, then today should have been the day that someone else stepped up and unfortunately no one did.

    Perfect Season gone and if this team doesn’t finish out on a hot streak you might be seeing a first round exit similar to the New Orleans Saints of last year — who also went into the playoffs cold and thinking they had it all working too.

    Terrible fucking day

  3. Joe

    terrible fucking day indeed, that was one hard game to watch. there’s no way we can rest the last 2 games, we’re as cold as matty ice. oh and finley… yeah he can go fuck himself with his no catching the ball ass.

    at least randall cobb showed up, he looked like he wanted to be there.

  4. mxz 600

    Packattack?….You cant blame the defense?….really?…..The offense has been saving the defense’s ass all season!!!!….and the 1 game where the offense cant get much going, your giving the defense a pass?……..The defense gave up over 400 yards to a Chiefs offense, thats sucks. The defense couldnt get any pressure on Orton….(suprise)…Chiefs just manhandled the Packers D…so they were bad in the red zone….big deal….maybe if the Pack defense didnt let them go 80 yards, they wouldnt be in the red zone…you dumb fuck….Gee….to much tto ask for the defense to win a fucking game?….you dumbfuck hick moron…..Blame the 5th rated offense….not the 31st ranked defense…..You are as dumb as they get .

    • Harry Hood

      Thank capers for the 400 yards. He’s the one who had them in position to give up 5-10 yards every play. The D did fine stopping them 3 times w/in the 5 yard line.

      You can blame running the ball and injuries for the loss.

  5. mxz 600

    It was said best by Tom Silverstein today after the loss. “The same problems we saw today have been there all season long, except today those problems were exposed”……….Pack attack?…………Silverstein was talking about the defense you moron

  6. PackerBob

    I love this team and it’s been an amazing season. But we are one and done in the playoffs if this defense doesn’t pick it up. WAKE THE $&@) up! Your offense can’t bail you out every week.

  7. iltarion

    The Packers are 13-1. That is two games better than any other team in the NFL.

    The Saints lost to the Rams. They were a Jake Locker moronic play from losing to the Titans last week. The Titans lost to the Colts this week. Undoubtably, the Saints are a great team indoors; unfortunately, neither San Fran nor Green Bay are indoors.

    Other than for the Streak, this game meant nothing to the Packers.

    Playing 4 quarters and running up the score did nothing to help the 2007 Patriots win a title. In fact, they lost it in the final 2 minutes of the Super Bowl.

    The Packers two primary concerns are injuries and the fact that Rodgers quality of play is continuing to decline. Except for one play where EDS got cleanly beat at the line, nearly all of the Chiefs’ sacks were the result of coverage where Rodgers held onto the ball and started running around.

    In my first estimation, Newhouse is getting a bad rap. I’ll see what the tape has to say.

    The defense was stout in the redzone, but they allowed the Chiefs to dominate the time of possession. That definitely played a large role in the loss. And they allowed the Chiefs to drive for a FG on the possession following the Packers finally getting the lead. That was HUGE.

    Play cleanly against the Bears, win, and none of this will matter.

    • Aren’t you the same guy a few weeks ago who was talking about Jordy Nelson like he was a legit #1 receiver? And I think I was the one who told you if you put him on any other team without Aaron Rodgers he’s a nobody. Well, I think we found the answer to that debate today with Jordy’s dissapearing act.

      This game actually did mean something because it could have clinched home field advantage AND gotten two steps closer to NFL history by becoming one of only two teams in NFL history to go undefeated. Which (IMO) is just as special (if not more) than winning a Super Bowl considering how difficult it is to attain.

      The 2007 Patriots did run scores up, which is how Brady and Moss broke all-time records, which is something this team should have taken note of. Rodgers could have easily surpassed Brady with 50 TD’s this season but the Pack don’t like to play in the 4th Quarter — which is fine but records stand forever and when its all said and done, seasons like 2007 stick on the wall in Canton. And the Pat’s lost a freak game to the NYG in the Super Bowl……oh well…..they are constantly referred to as one of the best teams in the last century because unlike the 2011 Pack, they actually did go undefeated in the regular season.

      I’ll give you Rodgers decline in play is a big concern right now. But this offense as a whole is playing poorly, the drops, the bad routes, the O-line, even the play calling isn’t stout.

      Someone made a comment today about McCarthy not challenging that play — well thats a huge fuck up and #2 was allowing Crosby to kick back to back 54+ field goals today. I’ve seen enough of Crosby thinking he’s Nigel Grough kicking 60 yarders. Your down, take field position and move on.

      • Harry Hood

        What is field position going to do when Capers allows 5-10 yard plays EVERY down between the 20’s?

  8. whatusaid

    Played like shit. Deserved to lose.

    Fuck em’.

    Don’t know what MM was thinking not challenging that touchback. dumbass. Maybe should have punted on that 4th and 8.

    Mason missing that FG. It was was a long one but he made no correction on his bale out attempt. Add that to his bad kick on that onside try.

    The drops enough said.

    No pass rush.SMH

    Bring on the Bears.

  9. mxz 600

    iltarian…..Your one of the worst….Newhouse is a career back up…for a reason…he sucks. So does EDS. There is a reason Rodgers only gets 2.5 seconds to pass. Get your head outa the sand…..The defense is ranked 31st..cant stop the lowly Chiefs?….The offense has carried the defense the whole season…..Too much to ask for the defense to stop the Chiefs to get the ball back, maybe help the team win a game?…..But as in the past iltarian…You never saw the defense as a problem…..NOW WHAT?…….Did the Packers defense have a sack?…a pick?…a turnover….why couldnt our defense get a coverage sack? Because our D cant COVER!!!!!!!…Ilatarian…is a moron.

    • iltarion

      Hahaha… Newhouse is a 2nd year player.

      EDS sux. True.

      I wrote clearly that the defense was part of the problem.

      Apparently, reading and spelling are both issues for you.

  10. terrible fucking day, just fucking terrible.

    not only did we lose perfection (to a bad team) but Rodgers probably just lost out to Brees for MVP……and thats two things that are huge factors in what “could have” been staple points as one of the best teams of all time. Rodgers is behind Eli Manning in yards right now (4th place) I wonder if that has something to do with the Packers never playing in the 4th Quarter??

    It was not just another loss.

  11. Madcity Packer Fan

    It was a very flat performance there is no doubt. The Packers are the kind of team that thrives on improvement especially when it is plain and clear. I think we will be fine in the next two weeks and will go into the playoffs with a real sense of urgency. This was a wake up call that we needed.

  12. Gestell

    I think the offensive woes can be attributed to the absence of Jennings throwing off the balance of the receiving corps. Attention to him makes other receivers open. The Pack has to put this behind them and take it out on the bears and lions and go into the playoffs full steam. They cannot afford to come out flat again. Momentum is everything in the post season.

  13. nurseratchett

    P. U. We stunk up the place in all three phases.

    We have to get healthy & we have to get the O line & Defense straightened out. I’ve said all this season & most of last–the reduction in Rodgers sacks had more to do with his improvements on quicker release than improved protection from the offensive line.

    The dropped balls were killer, & I’m with PackAttack on Finley–tweetie bird can go drop balls somewhere else after this season, tweet his sorrows, & poison someone elses locker room.

    I don’t care about the loss, haven’t cared about the “streak”, I just want to win the SuperBowl. The Green Bay Packers I watched yesterday can’t beat the AFC’s best, & may not be able to win the NFC, even with home field advantage.

    Sort it out, MM & Capers, sort it out.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  14. flyboy7588

    I agree with the “cruise control” analysis. If the Pack continues to do that things will not turn out good. Play hard the entire game, every game or suffer more losses like this one. The Defense just didn’t get it done when it had to.

  15. rebelgb

    I find any defense of the offensive line laughable and nothing more than fanboi rose colored glasses.

    YES Rodgers held onto the ball a few times when he should have just ran, thrown it away, or attempted a pass. However, watch the Patriots, the Giants or New Orleans and look at the pockets that the QB’s get around them. Rodgers continually had guys within grabbing reach of him within seconds of the snap and had to have happy feet to stay upright.

    I have said it all year, our oline is a major issue.

    As for our defense, you have to get off the field. This wasnt fucking New Orleans, this was fucking KC with Kyle Orton as QB.

    Time to rest up our starters and see if they can get some fire back for the post season.

  16. Savage57

    I want to know the name of the funeral home where AR is going to have his service, ‘cuz if these fat pansy asses can’t start protecting him that’s where he’s going to wind up. He is getting killed week in and week out and taking some brutal shots. The escape alleys he had last year? Gone. Everyone on the OLine is shitting all over themselves. Teams are rushing 4 straight up and eating these guys alive. Campen? Campen? Campen?

    On the other side of the ball, why, when you send everyone but the fucking waterboy, can’t you get home and sack the QB for some negative yardage instead of giving up 30 yards downfield?

    Both lines, both sides of the ball playing like pussies and getting owned game after game like the bitches they are. How’s ’bout we fuck all the scheme talk and just go out and physically dominate someone?

  17. Ryan

    I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so upset over what I saw yesterday. I didn’t really care about the loss, it was the way we lost.

    In the back of my mind I’ve known that Aaron’s play had been declining… Yesterday, it was exposed. Sure, there were plenty of drops, but some of Aaron’s throws were terrible.

    The offensive line is an embarrassment and reminds me of 2008 or 2009. This could be a huge liability going forward.

    The defense was horrible yesterday. I don’t give it too much credit for the redzone stops. Kansas City’s play calling, particularly inside the 5 yard line was horrible. Orton threw poor passes at least twice that could have been touchdowns.

    I’m glad to see MM isn’t getting too beat up over the lack of challenge or the onside kick. For the challenge, FOX did not notice the play until after Mike Pereira tweeted about it and then came on air and pointed it out. So, there were no replays other than the jumbo-tron in the stadium.

    As for the onside kick, at first I didn’t like the call. But then, I realized that there was no way we could count on our defense to get a stop… And they proved exactly that. Jordy Nelson (who had the worst game of his career) was inches away from getting the ball.

    Oh well. As I said, I don’t care about the streak. But this team is heading in the opposite direction that the team was last year. That needs to be fixed ASAP. I can think of no better way to start than against the Bears on national television Christmas night.

    • iltarion

      People are funny. What? Jordy Nelson has one bad game and he sux all of a sudden?

      A loss sends people into hysteria. Settle down. TRY to be rationale. For God’s sake, this team has lost ONCE in a YEAR! HAHAHAHA!!!

      I always maintained that the #1 seed doesn’t matter. Just the bye. Who were the #1 seeds last year? Oh, Atlanta and New England.
      Of course, if the Packers don’t win one game to get the homefield advantage, then they’ll have problems much bigger than possibly not being at home for 1 game.

      Ryan, I hear ya, for the most part. But the Packers also lost their 3rd to last game of the year last year. So, can’t really say we are headed in the opposite direction yet. Next week will tell the tale.

      • Ryan

        Fair point on the direction thing. Just for the record: I never said anything about Jordy Nelson sucking. I did say that yesterday was his worst game of the year. I stand by that statement.

        I admit, this loss hurt a lot. I probably overreacted, but honestly, I’m not used to losing. I’m still concerned, but have eased up a bit. (Maybe that’s because I’ve refused to watch ESPN all day because I don’t want to listen to them talk about GB’s loss. Haha.)

        Also, just saw on Twitter that MM said that Bulaga “will be challenged to play this week.” To me, that’s good news. That says to me that he should be back for the playoffs. Win this week, secure the #1 seed and then GET HEALTHY!

  18. KCCleo

    in 20003, the Chiefs with Trent Greene were 13-0 and everyone was all about the “perfect” team. They lost their 14 game, everyone learned about their weaknesses, and they went on to become one of the worst teams in the NFL. They are on the rise again, finally. The Chiefs played with mostly 2nd-string players yesterday and have all season. Everyone around the league wants to overlook this and call them mediocre. Actually, they are about ready to mature into a powerhouse again – next season, the following. I just hope GB fans don’t have to live through the curse of losing that 14 game of the season after being “perfect” all season long. No one deserves that pain.

  19. nurseratchett

    I guess the good news is that between jail & injuries, the Bears are more haggered than we are. I worry about Rodgers getting hurt; put Flynn in the SECOND we secure home field.

    GO PACK GO!!!!

  20. Vijay

    If we don’t repeat there is only one person to blame and he’s at the top of all their personnel decisions – say it with me Ted Thompson. Teddy’s trying to get championships by fielding the team that’s most affordable under the cap. Eventually, you need to go for the jugular like Ron Wolf would do – hit or miss!

    Where’s our pass rush been all year? This is the first game I can recall a name besides Raji being mentioned on the line in a game. Jarius Wynn has a big sack…ooh, I’m so scared of the Packers dangerous lines! C’mon MAN!

    • Ryan

      No way. That is completely unfair. Ted Thompson is the REASON this team is 13-1 and the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

      Who recognized the talent of Rodgers? Clay Matthews? Charles Woodson? Jordy Nelson/Greg Jennings? The list goes on. Thompson built this team. Sure, the team has their weaknesses, like the pass rush… But, every team has a weakness.

      Give me a break.

    • Mike R

      Vijay always posts some gems. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Yeah that’s it, Ted Thompson. They lose one game and now let’s get rid of him. Give me TT over Ron Wolf any day of the week.

  21. Buddymobile

    All these Viking fan fucks that troll here need to go choke themselves out. They deserve nothing more than decades worth of losing seasons.

  22. KC Fan

    Maybe Rodgers understands now what FAVRE felt like those last few years when HE wasn’t getting enough protection and taking hit after hit after hit!

  23. mxz 600

    The offense cant have a bad game?…really?…Gee….The offense is what got us to 13-0. Now…moving forward…the loss isn’t the problem, nor is Jennnings…The HUGE problem…Is the 0 line…If any…of those lineman get hurt, were screwed, worse than we are now, and trust me, with Newhouse, EDS, and now JT Lang having to go play right tackle…thats screwed enough…..Now if someone gets injured…who do we have ?…Ray Domingez?…….Are you fucking kidding me?….Ray Domingquez couldnt play for the Badgers!!!!!………..In camp…Sherrod couldnt beat out “back-up” Newhouse.. he is on I R anyway…problem is…We started the season thin at “quality” line help to begin with, now we have 3 starters out…..This could get seriously ugly…………btw people…quit blaming Rodgers….You go stand behind that 0 line. For ANY NFL QB to be able to play in the proper mindset…read defenses…call plays, audibles, look for receivers…..he cant be back there…thinking….OH SHIT, here they come!!…….Drew Bree’s has been sacked 23 times in 583 pass attempts……Rodgers has been sacked 36 times in 473 pass attempts. ….Figure it out.

  24. mxz 600

    We needed the defense….to stop K C, once or twice…..They failed miserbly….I’m sorry that i think, that the defense might be able to stop the lowest scoring team, in the NFL, to possibly win this game….what was i thinking?………..KC running wherever….K C Receivers….WIDE open…ALL fucking day…..God forbid we ask the defense to give up less than 400 yards and help out the offense…..God forbid we ask them to get a sack, a pick, a turnover, or pressure…..Orton all all day to pass…..Is that all Rodgers fault?…The offenses fault?……..Mike Neal?…Wanna get a tackle after 5 fucking games???????

  25. Cuban

    How is it that a team with two great man coverage corners has been playing a shitty fucking zone all year, they constantly get beat underneath and then when they try to stop that they get fucked over the top. The problem is capers cant figure out how to adjust, they should have let him go after last season cuz u could almost sense this was coming

  26. mxz 600

    I agree Cuban….Were the S B Champs…Like other teams havent studied our defensive scheme’s…they have, they’ve adjusted…Capers is sitting on his ass still enjoying last years success as the 5th ranked defense….Do ANY of you guys know, we give up 90 yards a game more than we did last year. That stat alone makes me wanna puke. We gave up 240 points last year, were on pace to give up a 100 more this season, were already at 297 pts allowed. Does TT or McCarthy go up to Capers and say…”hey..What the fuck are we doing?”

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