Surprise! The Lions Are Cheap

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It should come as no surprise to anyone after Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stomped the Green Bay PackersEvan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving, but just in case there was any doubt… the Detroit Lions are cheap.

Fortunately, the Packers know it and they should be ready.

“I guess it helps them, they trash talk and do more of that than any team we play. Them and Atlanta, them more so. Atlanta doesn’t get the penalties,” defensive end Ryan Pickett said. “Detroit, I guess that’s their way of showing they’re tough, that’s what I take it is as. I don’t know, they do it, they trash talk, hit late on the whistle.”

“We know we’re going to get stuff after the whistle. We don’t want to be the one that gets caught, because the second person always gets caught. Coach let us know, hey, watch yourself around the piles, they do this after the whistle, just stay level headed and play like champions.”

Lions coach Jim Schwartz, for his part, made no excuses for how his players play.

“People get surprised that somebody might say something mean to somebody on the field. This is football. We’re not playing chess.”

If anything, it’s good to see the Lions are finally relevant enough to have what might be a burgeoning rivalry with the Packers. It’s been long enough, that’s for sure and I’m sure their players have some pent up anger, if not an inferiority complex.

Even though Sunday’s game means nothing for the Packers — the Lions can clinch the No. 5 seed with a win — all the trash talk at least gives them incentive to play hard.

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17 Comments on "Surprise! The Lions Are Cheap"

    • Derek

      Rodgers won’t have to play because he’s been winning too much.
      Guess that happens with a Superbowl team……

  1. Buddymobile

    Lion’s fans are saying that they hope Rodgers plays and gets hurt. Those fucking losers are getting just as bad as the Vikings fans are.
    Fuck em’!

  2. TimL

    One bad fan doesn’t speak for all fans.
    I’m a Packer fan, but I’m sure there are many (most) good hearted Lions’ fans.

  3. Jake

    Your offensive line coach told him to untie suhs shoes the whole game, and did so 3 times. Talk about cheap. Stop taking shots at the Lions just cause they will be dominant in the NFC north in a few years. And buddy, the pack won’t play Rodgers cause he’ll get thrown around like a rag doll

    • Adam

      You must have missed the part in that radio interview where it was confessed to be a joke. That never happened.


    “We’re not playing chess”, isn’t that the EXACT analogy coaches use to describe what they do on game day? Maybe that’s why Schwartz got outplayed by McCarthy on Thanksgiving. Our guy IS playing Chess, while that retard Schwartz is playing Checkers. There’s only one move in Checkers, just like there’s only one move in Detroit: sling the ball to Megatron and hope he jumps 17 feet in the air to catch it.

  5. Buddymobile

    Tim L, no shit dude. If you were a Packer fan living in Viking territory you’d think differently. Not ALL fans are shit-bags, but there sure are alot of dick-head Viking fans in the twin city metro area. Detroit is just a big cesspool so I would only imagine what characters support the silver and blue. Wisconsin is quite rural and there are narrow minded hicks that say and do stupid shit that make us Packer fans look stupid. So there are fuck heads everywhere, and I’m sorry Tim, I can’t help being jaded here in Minnesota. Go Pack!

  6. PackerBob

    Everyone pretends that there’s no place for dirty play. But like most things when you cross the line, it’s only relevant when you get caught. I don’t believe Jim Schwartz tells his players to play dirty. But I bet he sure as hell didn’t say shit to Sue behind closed doors. Why? Because deep down he loves it.

  7. rebelgb

    I never thought id hate a team more than the Dykings but along came Schwartz’s Lions.

    Watching this team one and done for the next 3 years before become irrelevant again is going to be one of my great joys…

  8. pete from detroit

    And green bay is not cheap for untying shoe laces??
    And green bay is not cheap for playing the secret game and pretending their not gonna play rogers??
    I’m not saying Detroit are angels but until green bay admits to who they really are you guys all need to stop with your accusing because everyone is guilty in this league..

  9. pete from detroit

    And green bay is not cheap for untying shoe laces??
    And green bay is not cheap for playing the secret game and pretending their not gonna play rogers??
    I’m not saying Detroit are angels but until green bay admits to who they really are you guys all need to stop with your accusations because everyone is guilty in this league.. stop talking and play the game. It should be fun.

    • Philllthy Phill

      it is a game, not a secret game, it should be fun, we joke about how we untie shoelaces, follow your logic. I have heart for the lions, don’t turn into a bunch of guys with a bravado over nothing. Don’t turn into teams like the Jets, vikings, 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons, Eagles and Broncos all of these teams with some sort of attitude, as if they’ve been an amazing organization year after year.

  10. Ron Mexico

    The shoe lace thing never actually happened, it was hear-say from some nobody on some shitty radio show. Deitrich Smith denied it, the O-line coach denied it, and don’t you think Suh would have mentioned that his shoes were being untied or his equipment fucked with in his defense if that’s what had really gone down?

    As for the other thing, that’s a smart strategic move old as time. It’s called “deception” and it’s a major part of the Art of War.

    C’mon Lions fans, we know you love your franchise because it’s yours, that’s okay, but just admit that you’ve got some shitbags on the team and you’re okay with it.

  11. GreenBastard

    The Calvin Johnsons played a tough game yesterday. I wasnt going to be suprised if the Calvin Johnsons won yesterday, but Flynn lit it up on the Calvin Johnson’s overrated defense. I predict Saint’s 45 the Calvin Johnson’s 24. See where I’m going with this?

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