Packers Will Go For History

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Mike McCarthy

With everything but home-field advantage wrapped up, there was some question as to whether the Green Bay Packers would rest their players down the stretch.

It doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen.

“I think I can speak for coach in that he’s going to try to go for this thing,” defensive tackle B.J. Raji said.

“You have to respect the game of football. Obviously we’re in a great position. We’re 13-0. We have a lot of things wrapped up. But ultimately, you never accomplish anything great by being scared. We have an option to go either way, but if you want to make history and do some things that haven’t been done in a while, you have to take a chance.”

Mike McCarthy, meanwhile, seems to be following the same script he always does.

“The script doesn’t change for us,” McCarthy said. “… As long as we’re taking care of things and keeping our focus on improving the quality of play, I don’t think we can be beat. If you had asked me six years ago, I would have said the same damn thing. … We expect to win every time we take the field, and I would think that every team thinks the same thing.”

The Packers will wrap up home-field advantage if they beat the Kansas City Chiefs this week. Their final two games are at home against Chicago and Detroit.

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12 Comments on "Packers Will Go For History"

  1. ay hombre

    Everyone has been saying either we rest our players or we go for 19-0. Fuck that. I say we do both.

    We’re that good and that deep. Obviously you can’t rest everyone, but take no chances with guys teetering on the verge of being healthy. Keep Sitton on the bench another week, keep Cliffy rehabbing and let Desmond Bishop foam at the mouth some more before allowing him back on the field. Hell let AJ Hawk watch another week in a panic as both Smith and Francois outplay him.

    Let’s kick the shit out of KC and the Bears and then let Matt Flynn have the honor of starting versus Detroit to finish it off. We’ll knock that immature bunch of candyasses out of the playoffs with our backup quarterback, in what will be the perfect audition to the whole league, of the biggest free agent quarterback next year.

    And we still go 19-0. Fuck ’em!

  2. Chuck W.

    Hombre, I agree with you except for one thing — we should keep the starters in for maybe a half against Detroit. They’ll have two weeks off before the first playoff game, and we don’t want them to have any rust to shake off.

  3. PackerBob

    I love McCarthy’s rhetoric.

    “We expect to win every time we take the field, and I would think that every team thinks the same thing”

    This versus Rex Ryan’s “I guarantee a Superbowl win” is, IMO, partly why the Packers have a 19 consecutive win record.

    Granted the Jets have made it to back-to-back AFC Championships games.

  4. DJ

    You cant just turn on or off rhythm, momentum, or confidence. When you have them snowballing for you and everything is clicking… ride it & just keep going! McCarthy’s play calling has heeded that lesson & is a huge reason we havent squandered the leads we did last season trying to “manage the game.” I’d be woefully disappointed if he didnt follow through on that lesson in terms of personnel for our remaining games too. Sure, there is risk but there is risk in EVERY NFL game… what? Just keep lining up & play…..And let the chips fall. It aint broke so dont try and fix or “manage” it.

  5. DevilDon

    I think Hombre says it best. Keep the injured or nearly healed on the bench. We are winning without them. If another guy goes down then maybe you look to bring back the slightly injured. So rest Hawk and Bishop and Sitton if you can.
    But fuck yea, it’s crazy to think about pulling on the leash when the dogs are barking and snarlin’

  6. italiancheese

    I gotta say that, if i hadn’t purchased plane tickets from italy and spent 300 fucking bucks for the detroit game i wouldn’t have given a fuck about going perfect, but since i did, let’s take the shit out of those damn pricks!

  7. iltarion

    This is actually a great point by Raji. History isn’t made by the meek.

    I think we all already know what this team is going to do.

    This team isn’t built to allow the thought of losing to even enter their minds. I’m sure they are all damn aware and proud of their winning streak and sure as hell want to keep it going until someone yanks it from them.

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