Packers’ Reactions To Loss

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Since this is the first time it’s happened all season, we thought we’d give you some quotes from the players and coaches on the Green Bay Packers first loss.

“I personally always viewed the undefeated season as really just gravy. The goal is to get the home-field advantage and win the Super Bowl. That’s what we discussed as a football team. We were fortunate enough to be in a position to possibly achieve the undefeated season, but we still have the primary goal in front of us and that’s to get that home-field advantage.” — Mike McCarthy

“Still sucks. But nice to go a calendar year without losing.” — Aaron Rodgers

“You always want to make history. We didn’t get a chance to do that, it’s over. I’d like to say it’s a relief, but it’s not. It’s not a relief.” — Tramon Williams

“A little disappointed. That’s a special thing when you can do something like that and to have an opportunity to be that close to it. But it’s over. Now you have to refocus on winning the next game and moving on from this one.” — Charles Woodson

“I can’t speak for everyone else, (but) I haven’t lost in so long I feel like I’m in a different realm. We haven’t lost in about a year. Sixteen-and-oh, that’s — at the end of the day we still have everything we want in front of us. Obviously the 16-0, 19-0 won’t be a part of it.” — B.J. Raji

“Maybe this is something we can learn from and get back on pace. It’s disappointing to lose this late in the season like that. Obviously when you’re getting ready to make a playoff run, a big part of making it to the Super Bowl is how hot your team is when you hit the playoffs. We showed that last year. You never want to lose a game like that this late in the year.” — T.J. Lang

“The No. 1 goal is still in front of us. That’s all that really matters.” — Josh Sitton

“Maybe more than the loss itself, we didn’t match their intensity and they beat us. You want to be playing your best football at the end. That’s more disappointing than losing the chance to go 19-0. It’s how we lost – not playing our best football in December.” — Charlie Peprah

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23 Comments on "Packers’ Reactions To Loss"

  1. Richard Rodts

    Lose to the Chiefs???? The Chiefs??? Who was that team that showed up in KC on Sunday? Too much BBQ on Saturday night?

  2. darrin

    Last year they were 8-6 on the brink of elimination. This year 13-1 and fully in control of they’re own destiny so no need to freak out over one loss. They didn’t play well and got beat. Simple as that. More concerning are the injuries at Tackle. Even last year the OL was healthy throughout most of the year. If Clifton, Bulaga, and Jennings are healthy for the playoffs I see no reason why this team can’t repeat. But, they need to step up their level of play and realize how hungry last years’ team was to run the table. That same sense of urgency has been gone for the last several games and was obvious in their performance. Let’s hope this was the wake-up call they needed. Go Pack!

    • This isn’t last year and last year’s team was hotter than hell going into the Playoffs, this team clearly isn’t.

      “They didn’t play well. Simple as that”

      –Well actually it’s not that simple. The Pack got exposed big time. The defensive fronts continually changed up their looks and their coverages on the 4-5 wide sets. Rodgers isn’t playing well and Jordy Nelson clearly got exposed by the Chiefs (below average defense). Is it any consolation that this is the first game Jennings hasn’t played and it’s the first game GB loses in 364-days? I’d consider that a problem. I’d also consider the defense an issue, considering they can’t stop the run when they need to.

      That hunger your talking about. That’s gone. That’s why it’s tough to repeat, teams lose that fire and passion to play. Which clearly looks to be taking full form now as the season whindes down.

      The Pack just lost its chance at history and the chance to say that this team was one of the greatest of all time. It’s not just another loss pal.

      • G55

        PackAttack… the sky is NOT falling.
        Everyone else… chill the FUCK out!!

        The hot team going into the playoffs doesn’t always win or make the SB. This is a BIG myth!!
        Remember GB in 2003? Brett’s dad passes away, we win 7 of last 9 and Arizona does us a huge favor. No one wanted to play us… we were hot. 4th and 26, I was there!!
        2 seasons ago the Saints and P Mannings were both 13-0. The Saints finished 13-3 with their starters playing 2 of the last 3 that they lost. P Mannings went 14-2 while pulling starters. Neither team was hot going into playoffs. Both made the SB after getting players healthy and a bye.

        This is ONE FUCKING GAME!! We played like CLOWN SUIT ASS. It would have been nice to go 19-0 w/the SB win, but I will take back to back SB wins.

    • nurseratchett

      don’t get me started on the assclown I will forever call tweetie bird. Wrote an ode to his ass on the forum a few weeks ago after he tweeted his whine about not getting targeted enough, then proceeded to drop 4 or 5 passes in the VERY NEXT GAME.

  3. nurseratchett

    I think the reactions of the players are appropriate. Hopefully the loss gives The Pack a kick in the ass; I like that Aaron pointed out how bad it sux to lose. No matter how hard you try to stay razor sharp, its hard for anyone in ANY job to not get a little lax when you have been perfect at it for awhile.

    As I’ve said before, last year was a perfect season for me–we won the Super Bowl!!


  4. Greg

    well…they are still undefeated at home! home field advantage will be a noticeable help.

    It must be frustrating as an organization to dedicate draft picks towards the o-line yet still be at square 1.

    The nature of the game I believe lead to the loss. They played pretty conservatively…because the game was never out of reach. But once it did…it was too late to make enough happen. Too many drive killing penalties and missed connections.

    I think if we had Brandon Saine active we might be talking about about a near loss. Screen game could’ve help reduce pressure

    • Harry Hood

      We’re not quite at square one. Sure DS broke his leg and will now miss his second offseason. Sitton was great pick. But ranked Bulaga very well at midseason:

      “Outside of the problematic left tackle spot, the interior has excelled, while Bryan Bulaga has taken a giant leap from the lumps he took in Year 1. That’s why he’s our top-ranked right tackle.”

  5. Charlie Thompson

    I felt that it would be good for the packers to lose a game.They need to stay hungry.It,s better to lose now, then to lose in the play offs. The defense gives up too many points. Somebody needs to jump their ass, and wake these guys up.

  6. Chuck

    Everybodys high on the saints and 49ers now. We were the star attraction for 13 weeks and 1 loss and we are garbage now. That’s media for you. We need keys guys back ( hopefully 2 weeks off will help that) and then it’s balls out all the way to Indy. The D has GOT to get it’s swager back….even just a bit.

  7. iltarion

    People talking about how the Packers were “hot” at this point last year are hilarious.

    At this exact point last year the Packers were coming off of consecutive losses and still unsure if their QB was going to be good enough to play after his second concussion.

    The Packer streak that took them through the playoffs started THIS week.

  8. As long as your winning things seem to get over looked. Now, maybe this lack luster defense will get a real kick in the ASS from the lack lust coaching staff that has tolerated their sub-par performances all year!!!

  9. Bryan

    People are overreacting big time! One loss and our season is over with. Bad games happen to good teams ALL the time, the Packers were inevitably going to lose a game.
    I remember the same reaction from the media and the fanbase last season after the Packers lost to the Lions.
    “Packers season is over. They’re not going to make the play offs.”
    How did that work out again?
    I also find it funny how many analysts are saying the Saints are the team to beat, while conveniently ignoring the Saints lost to the Rams and the Buccaneers.

  10. flyboy7588

    No excuse for the Pack not to put the Bears away early. If the Bears give the Pack trouble, be worried.

  11. Taras Bulbous

    The Bears WILL give the pack trouble. I’ve no doubt that the Packers will win in the end (Barber can’t carry the offense and Haney is utter shit) but even with their dumpster-fire of an offense, their D and ST always show up against the Packers. It’ll be a close win again, and then we can rest the starters against the Lions so Suh doesn’t cheap-shot Rodgers out of the post-season.

    The Saints are good for sure, but they haven’t been so good outdoors and they won’t have had a real cold-weather game until they get to Lambeau. The Niners are a solid team but are pretty over rated; they play in a division which guarantees them 5-6 wins, and only won against the Steelers because Ben is hobbled and in a boot again. There’s every reason to remain optimistic going into the post season.

  12. Apeshit

    It’s more important how we react and dismantle the hapless Bears than what we showed Sunday… Need to get healthy… It’s one fucking game!

  13. Charlie Thompson

    I,ve Loved The Green bay Packers Since I Was A Boy.No one This year Seems To Have A Great Defense. Green Bay Has The Ability To have A Fierce Defense. They Will need It Against The Unpredictable Chicago Bears.

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