I Can Be Your Jordy [Video]

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We’ve seen plenty of stupid videos and heard plenty of stupid songs about the Green Bay Packers.

This… is one of the better ones. In fact, it’s kind of funny. It’s an Aaron Rodgers tribute video called “I Can Be Your Jordy,” named after, of course, Jordy Nelson. It’s by Sleeping Berries Three, who are Matt Haupert and Payton Sterba.

My favorite part:

That he’s got more yards rushing than I’ve got in my yards
He’s got more yards passing than I’ve got in my yard
He’s got less yards receiving than I’ve got in my yard
‘Cuz he’s a quarterback
And I’ve got a big yard

Check the video. You can check all the lyrics on YouTube.

(Via Sweater Punch)

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8 Comments on "I Can Be Your Jordy [Video]"

  1. nurseratchett

    Well, I like it better than “We love Brent Favre”… Love the “He’s buying beer for us all” LOL

  2. Bart

    Did anyone pick up on aspects of the chorus resembling a Christian rock song? Still, it’s better than most. Sorry, CWA!

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