Cutler Could Face Packers

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Jay Cutler

Confused, as usual, about a possible return.

Injured Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler says there’s a chance, albeit probably a slim one, he’ll be able to face the Green Bay Packers in two weeks.

Seemingly, the decision will largely be based upon whether the Bears win at Seattle this week. If the team loses, they’ll essentially be out of the playoff race and will likely hold Cutler out for the remainder of the year.

The team is 0-3 with Caleb Hanie at the helm.

Cutler didn’t guarantee anything Wednesday, but opened the door for a possible return.

“I’ll say ‘outside,’ ” Cutler said. “I wouldn’t say it’s good or definite or a real possibility, but there’s always a chance, but like you said, we have to get this one first.”

“Outside shot, let’s not get anyone’s hopes up, let’s not ruin anybody’s Christmas dreams, but outside, outside,” he said.

If the Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend, they’ll have to go through the Bears and the Detroit Lions at home to cap off an undefeated regular season.

The Bears are a considerably tougher opponent with Cutler behind center than they are with Hanie. Cutler’s backup only has two touchdowns against six interceptions since taking over the starting spot.

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9 Comments on "Cutler Could Face Packers"

  1. Dave

    Horrible idea, the bears will be crushed. Put jay in, still lose, and he likely re injures it. Aha, it would be glorious

    • David

      Re-injures his vagina?

      That’s not something I’d cheer for… wait this is Vajay-jay. A man isn’t supposed to have one of those. Carry on!

  2. Shawn

    Even if he comes back, he will likely be sloppy for a week or two. The Bears aren’t making the playoffs. Frankly, I would have preferred them being in over the Lions, but that isn’t happening.

    The Bears won’t beat Seattle. Seattle is playing pretty well on both sides of the ball, and they have a history of playing well against the Bears.

    Cutler and the Bears are a non-factor.

  3. thebearsstillsuck



    The primary reason I browse this blog is in the hopes that I’ll come across a classic Jay Cutler post. This is hands down my #1 stop for all things Quitler.

    Can you imagine my disappointment to click on this entry and be presented with this pussyfoot BS? Not even a single “mouth-breather” reference!

    “The Bears are a considerably tougher opponent with Cutler behind center than they are with Hanie.”

    That is a COMPLIMENT for fucks sake.

  4. nurseratchett

    Yawn….who cares. I’m more worried about Chicago’s D trying to hurt people than I am about losing the game. Regardless of who’s behind center, the bears still suck.


  5. Chuck

    Win or loose at Seattle, the bears would start “QUITLER” just to try and ruin our run at perfection. Lovie would love nothing better. I say the Sh*thawks beat em anyways.


    Fuck it, let Clay have a few more goes at Cutler and his three chins. They won’t win without Forte regardless of who is at center, because the Bears are A Bad Football Team.

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