And Then There Were Four

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Mason Crosby

Games left for the Green Bay Packers to complete a perfect regular season, that is.

The Packers moved to 12-0 in what was perhaps their toughest game of the season by beating the New York Giants on a Mason Crosby field goal as time expired on Sunday. The 38-35 victory was engineered by Aaron Rodgers‘ flawless final drive, where he completed four passes, all or which went 18 yards or more, to set up Crosby’s field goal with three second left.

The Packers got the ball back with 58 seconds after the Giants tied the score on a Hakeem Nicks touchdown reception and a two-point conversion run by D.J. Ware.

The loss was the Giants’ fourth in a row, but the team played their best game in over a month — perhaps all season. Their defensive line woke up and pressured Rodgers consistently, resulting in two sacks and several hurries that caused a number of underthown balls. The quarterback still threw for 369 yards and four touchdowns, though.

Meanwhile, his counterpart, Eli Manning, torched the Packers secondary for 347 yards and three touchdowns. Most of the damage was done by Nicks, who had 88 yards and two touchdowns and Victor Cruz, who had seven catches for 119 yards.

While the secondary didn’t play well, linebackers Clay Matthews and Erik Walden did. Matthews returned an interception for a touchdown, had a sack and a forced fumble. Walden didn’t have the stats, but he and Matthews met at the quarterback numerous times, knocking Manning to the ground and forcing quick throws.

The win helped the Packers clinch the NFC North. Detroit’s loss to New Orleans sealed the deal for Green Bay.

The Packers finish with Oakland at home, at Kansas City, Chicago at home and Detroit at home. Next week’s game may be the toughest remaining on the schedule.

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12 Comments on "And Then There Were Four"

  1. Ryan

    Ask Skip Tebow, wait, I mean Bayless what he thinks of that last drive…. Sometimes ESPN drives me crazy!

  2. Adam

    Can someone get the fucking memo to Jermichael FInley, post it in his locker perhaps?

    “You’re not an elite TE until you stop dropping passes”

    I can recount at least 2-3 drops that absolutely killed drive momentums yesterday. For fuck’s sake, bench all that YOTTO shit until you become consistant.

  3. Rebelgb

    Newhouse is terrible. I rewatched the game on DVR and Newhouse looks like he should be playing for the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League, not for an NFL team.

    Hopefully we can find a way to still win the SB with this tool at LT and then draft a decent guy in next years draft.

    Oh and Arodge is fucking good….

    • Savage57

      He taps and dances instead of hitting and driving. He looks lost in space, reminds of the “Look out Lynn, here they come” pass blocking of the days of old.

  4. BuddyXLV

    Had the receivers, namely Finley, not dropped all of those passes, Rodgers would have had a better comp. %, and a much better passer rating. Thanks for fucking over the best QB this decade receivers. Catch the fucking ball! 12-0, keep rockin’ Pack!

  5. PackerBob

    Next week expect the 7-6 Raiders to give us their best shot. They are coming of an embarrassing lose (like the Giants) to the Dolphins and they will playing for a playoff berth. I think we all know Denver at home is gonna beat da Bears, minus Cutler and Forte.

    Thank gawd we got home field advantage.


    Palmer is proving more and more each week that he is why Cincy sucked for so long. Dude wasn’t the same after his injury, and I think he throws at least 3 picks next Sunday. If we can stop the run and put up an early lead, we’re golden. Go Pack Go!

  7. iltarion

    Was there ever any doubt? Once again a double digit lead in the 2nd half, and once again a win.

    The Giants played hard, and yes, they were greatly helped by Newhouse having his worst game since he got the job. He made Jean Pierre look like Reggie White. One more game like that and we should consider letting Sherrod get the start. Newhouse seems to be more of a bull-rush kind of guy, which means he would be better off on the right side. He is not moving his feet fast enough to play the left.

    Packers dropped about 6 passes and still scored 38 points.

    A-Rodge won the MVP with that final drive. Incredible.

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