Aaron Rodgers Is Not NFL MVP

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Aaron Rodgers

You read that right. Not that we believe it.

This is the time of year where idiot sports talking head types need to say something controversial in order to justify their existence. And so you get shit like this.

Aaron Rodgers is not the NFL MVP because… Tom Brady is the MVP!

This one comes from ESPN’s AFC East blogger James Walker who, up this point, no one has heard of. So, on that note we’ll say, congratulations James. Because of your idiotic statement, someone has now heard of you.

Anyway, here’s Jimmy Walker’s rationale. By the way, did anyone else catch that? His name is James Walker. You know what that is? Dy-no-MITE!

The award is meant for the player who is the most important to their team. Let that sink in, because this is a key element to this debate.

Rodgers has been lights out and putting up great numbers for undefeated Green Bay (12-0). But what happens if you take Rodgers off the Packers? They won’t be 16-0, but the defending Super Bowl champs would still keep the ball rolling with highly touted backup Matt Flynn and make it to the playoffs.

He goes on to name a bunch of players on the Packers and then…

With the NFL’s worst-rated defense and no true superstars on the roster minus Brady, some believe New England would be similar to the Indianapolis Colts (0-12) this year without Peyton Manning. I’m not ready to go that far. But New England certainly would have a losing record.

There are two reasons this argument holds no water. First, the Packers have the 31st-ranked defense in the NFL, which Jimmy probably saw when he looked at the rankings, yet paid no mind to. Second, the Patriots are a system team with interchangeable parts. They don’t draft superstars, nor do they sign them in free agency. They bring in specific guys to fill specific roles.

It’s true, they wouldn’t be as good without Brady, but then again, the last time Brady went down an unknown who didn’t even start in college — Matt Cassell — did just fine leading the Patriots.

In other words, you don’t know what you’re talking about, James.

Aaron Rodgers is not the NFL MVP because…. wait for it… wait for it… Tim Tebow is the MVP!

Shoot me in the face right now.

This one comes from Fox Sports Greg Couch who, like Walker, we now know by name. At least until we forget about him tomorrow. Couch’s rationale is a little simpler and more or less completely lacking in statistical evidence other than this.

When Tebow took over, the Broncos were 1-4. Now, after Tebow had yet another miracle comeback Sunday to win at Minnesota, they are 7-5.

Look, I can’t hate on Jesus Boy and the record. He wins games. I get it. It’s all I hear on ESPN all week.

He doesn’t do it by himself though, which is one of the reasons this argument holds no water. People like to point to Denver’s defense as one of the reasons for the team’s resurgence and although they’re playing better, they’re ranked 24th in the league. The real reason the Broncos are playing better is because they’re not turning the ball over. It’s as simple as that.

Kyle Orton — seven picks and two fumbles in that 1-4 start. Tim Tebow — one pick and two fumbles since taking over.

Last I checked, that’s how you play winning football. That’s just as much due to the coaching staff’s conservative game plan, if not more, than it is to Tebow.

The second reason this argument holds no water is this. Tebow has won six games this season, which is exactly half as many as Aaron Rodgers has won.

All that being said, please continue with your idiotic arguments that someone other than Aaron Rodgers is the MVP of this league.

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30 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Is Not NFL MVP"

  1. Cactus jack

    Aaron Rodgers should be considered the hands down MVP… people be hating with no logic.

    Mike McCarthy should be Coach of the Year, but that award will probably go to jim harbahaoghaogu…. smh.

    what next, Joesph Addai gets the HB of the year award ahead of MJD cause he can correctly tie his shoes?

  2. If the award TRULY went to the player who was most valuable to his team and not the player who put up the best numbers, Ol’ Brent would have won it in 2007 and not Brady. That was our argument after all back then. Obviously it didn’t hold any water because it’s not really awarded on that…

    • Abe Frohman

      and McCarthy didn’t win coach of the year that year despite a huge turnaround in wins/losses because the Pats and Belicheat were 16-0. So, it’s a lock: ARodg – MVP, MM – COTY

  3. Monte, did you miss that NFL The Magazine(TM) has deemed…wait for it….Peyton Manthing the MVP. I just feel honored that I’ve been able to watch the season he’s had. Gonna tell my grandkids about it.

  4. iltarion

    It has been determined by the powers that be that the play of Aaron Rodgers transcends the realm of sports. Therefore, he is to be named the MVP of the human race.

    That is MVP- Most Valuable Playa.

  5. Doug

    In my limited understanding, I thought the MVP award was for the most valuable player in the league…ie the best player. Most valuable to your team is a completely different discussion, though one that AA Rod would also probably win.

    Regardless, 99% of America feels that AA Rod is the hands down MVP, and there’s not even a close second. That’s good enough for me.

    The Bears still suck.

  6. Briana

    James Walker’s argument is inherently flawed because it is based on a ton of assumptions and therefore holds no weight. Tim Tebow is just a cute pick for MVP. No denying his wins, but really, these writers are just trying to get people to read their stuff. In that regard, they are obviously winning judging from all of the comments on Walker’s blog.

  7. gmann001

    I, for one, am sick of all these @$$holes out there stating that Payton should get the MVP. What??? Because the Colts are crap without him??? Whatever.

  8. didn’t I read some articleon nfl.com saying Payton Manning is the MVP as he so important his team can’t win a single fucking game.

    Seems to me its just some Doushe Bag (jeff ircink) that is trying to get his name out there.

  9. PackerBob

    Tim “OMG he completed a pass” Tebow deserves the MVP award? I guess that’s one way to break away from the sportswriter pack.

  10. Harry Hood

    You forget about the Brees one too? It was Brees last week, Brady this week. ESPN is just telling them to make a case for it, I think the case they made was just all they could come up with.

    If not that, the writers are just reaching for any material possible, to compete with the post counts on the NFCN blog.

  11. Savage57

    Let me get this right. In order to be the MVP in the NFL you can’t be the best player on the best team.

    You have to be the best player on a team made up of incompetent shitbags that couldn’t win a game without you? Try selling that shit to the OLinemen that block for you 70 plays per game no matter how shitty your team is.

    Who in the fuck pays these morons to write this claptrap so they can call themselves sportswriters.

  12. BuddyXLV

    I hate the Bears, but this week I would love for Urlacher to pile drive Tebow’s stupid face into the turf. I can’t stand his gay little voice and all the bullshit hype he gets. The Broncos will fall.

    • Dave

      ahahaha totally agree, or lance briggs, I can’t wait for the Denver Donkey’s to play a real team that shuts them up. Wish they were still on our schedule. try beating us with 80 passing yards and 9 points

  13. ThisGuy

    Hey @buddyxlv, I can’t stand the Bears or Tebow, but wouldn’t it be a great slap to the face of Bears fans to have Tebow basically knock them out of the playoffs?

  14. Rymetyme

    Please don’t tell me James Walker and Skip Bayless get votes. If Brady won the MVP unanimously last time, it would be a serious tragedy if Rodgers doesn’t too. Why do people insist on overanalyzing MVP votes? It goes to the best player whose team is in the playoff race. Period.

  15. Kozak

    Clearly based on their logic the real MVP is Peyton Manning. They haven’t even sniffed a win since he went out….

  16. Lundahl

    Rodgers gets the MVP. But if Brady breaks Marino’s record, then he might get it. Because it’s the only record the doesn’t have. But anyways, Rodgers or Brady, personally I don’t care. Brady will probably win three more since he keeps getting better, he’ll get more weapons, and he plans on playing at 40+. That’s allot of football left.

  17. I don’t hate the Broncos; they have always been a class act and their fans loyal and civil. Tebow is a winner and good for their program. Brady, however, and the entire Cheatriot organization are worthy of our deep scorn and limitless loathing. Like the Bears, they suck. The article about Brady is typical Patriot delusional thinking.

  18. Chad Lundberg

    I went that column just to let James Walker know that HE HAD FAILED!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    What a frikkin loser

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