Woodson: Packers Playing Bad Football

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Charles Woodson

Woodson provides an accurate assessment.

The Green Bay Packers bend and occasionally break version of defensive football is getting a little old and will probably eventually be the reason the team ends up losing.

That fact isn’t lost on the players, either.

Cornerback Charles Woodson says the defense is playing bad football.

“A lot of bad football,” a somber Woodson said. “I don’t know what it was. Just chalk it up to bad football.”

The Packers are now 31st in the NFL in pass defense. They’re giving up an average of 299 yards a game. Only New England is worse. The Patriots are giving up 314 per game.

On Sunday, the Packers let Philip Rivers throw for 385 yards. Realistically, the only reason Green Bay won the game is because Rivers also threw three interceptions. It’s been a trademark of this year’s team — give up a lot of yards, but come up with timely turnovers.

“We’ve always been a turnover team, and it helps us out. But for guys to consistently put up yards on us like that, we’ve got to go soul searching and get it together,” cornerback Tramon Williams said. “Whether it’s players or coaches, we’ve got to get together and do this. We’re 8-0, but we’re fortunate to be that.”

Unfortunately, the biggest problem doesn’t seem to be something that’s correctable. There’s constantly miscommunication in the secondary and that can be traced directly to Nick Collins’ absence.

The Packers are going to need the defense to win a game at some point this season and right now it doesn’t look like they have a unit capable of doing that.

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14 Comments on "Woodson: Packers Playing Bad Football"

  1. peter

    If Mike Neil is the player we all think he is and saw in training camp than a lot of these secondary issue will be sured up through his pass rush and freeing clay from some of these double teams.

  2. joey

    you guys really worry way to much. Show me any great offense that has a great defense. Not to mention we have a lot of good players on this defense and the reason we are not getting a lot of sacks is cause of our defensive break downs. I remember our defense last year and a lot of the sacks came on coverage sacks so they just need to fix communications and the safeties need to figure out where to be. Now remebmber this is still lockout football they missed a lot of offseason time. So my words of advice is to settle down because I believ in our secondary.

  3. Harry Hood

    I just don’t think our team will even be in the position to “need the D to win a game for them”.

    Rodgers isn’t “going to have a bad game sooner or later”, its just not going to happen. He hasn’t been having great games, this is just how he plays regularly, its only great on other peoples scales.

  4. Irish Dan

    The defense has won them a game. They shut down Atlanta for the entire 2nd half when our offense was good, but not great.

    • Ryan

      I disagree. I think the defense was GREAT in the 2nd half against Atlanta. I was sooo optimistic after that game. The performances seen then have been more than disappointing.

      I do worry about our defense but I also think that it must be able to get better. There is no reason the loss of ONE player should cause a defense to go from one of the league’s best to the league’s worst. Collins is a stud, but there were plenty of them last year…? Its hard to believe that it won’t get any better… It can’t get much worse!

  5. Packers for life

    Johnny – A few people are hoping for Neal to be back for the monday nighter against the queens but that is still a long shot. A few articles I read say monday, a few others say 2-3 weeks yet.

  6. DevilDon

    There are new players coming and going on D. The Packers are used to this and the coaching staff (Dom) is up to the challenge.
    Seriously, can we wait until we actually lose a game before we start fretting and wringing our hands about the defense.
    Finally, who gives a rat’s shiny tiny butthole if it’s not lost on the players. That’s why they still have coaches on the sidelines. If players could coach football while playing, the game would long ago have gone that way.

  7. Vinny Fuccahucci

    Best case scenario is the secondary keeps learning from mistakes and by the end of the season the “communication” issues will have worked themselves out. 17 teams have started 9-0 or better in the Super Bowl era. Make that 18 next week.

  8. I Got Woodson

    Miscommunication is the easiest problem to correct. All it takes is a few more weeks of practice that we missed in the offseason. At very least it’s easier to fix than the pass rush.

  9. Rob

    Honestly, the Packers will probably lose in the playoffs because of their secondary. I can see them giving the ball back to a team that scores with just enough time on the clock to make it almost impossible to score again. And I agree, I’m not sure there’s much anyone can do about it. Last year, the Packers defense played better in the second half of the season. After watching the game last Sunday, I can only say they gotten worse. A lot worse.

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