What Does Jermichael Finley Do Before Monday Night Football? [Photo]

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Jermichael Finley's pedicure

Big, manly Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had a decent game against the Minnesota Vikings Monday night, leading the team with 67 receiving yards on three catches.

So what did he do to get tuned up before the game? Maybe study the game plan or take a nap?


He got a pedicure.

That’s Finley getting the treatment above. He tweeted the photo himself.

Getting a nice pedi before this game tonight.. #YOTT2

Whatever works, bro.

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7 Comments on "What Does Jermichael Finley Do Before Monday Night Football? [Photo]"

  1. guysocke

    Maybe I’m giving him too much credit here, but he’s probably doing this in an effort to achieve optimal foot comfort while wearing his cleats on gameday. He constantly tweets about all of his hard work and preparation, but I didn’t know this is the type of stuff he was referring to.

  2. Vijay

    So, do the other guys know about this? Do they have contests in the locker room to see who has the prettier feet? OMG

  3. Daaaave

    Mani/Pedi’s are becoming standard treatment for ball carriers. In-grown toenails and hangnails on fingers can be problematic for guys who earn millions with their feet and hands. Keyshawn Johnson touted the benefits of a pre-game mani/pedi on camera while Bill Parcells looked like he was throwing up a little in his mouth.

  4. jeff ircink

    ohhhh my God…now if it were some other player on some other team, you Fudgetsers would be calling this “soooo gayyyyy”. but not when it’s your own Packers. teehee.

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