They’ll All Be Wearing Cheeseheads In Minnesota [Video]

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Those stupid bastards in Minnesota still can’t figure out how to get their shitty football team a new stadium to play in when their lease expires at the Metrodome at the end of the year and, well, they’re getting desperate.

So what do they do? They put together this video suggesting that if the Minnesota Vikings relocate, Minnesota will become Green Bay Packers country. Oh, and they also suggest that would be terrible probably because of all the winning and stuff.

It totally makes sense. People from Minnesota are idiot bandwagon jumpers and would need something to do on Sundays other than fuck sheep, so they’d have to adopt some sort of football team if the Vikings leave.

Frankly, this is a problem for the Packers. We don’t want your stupid, inbred, mouth-breathing fuckface fans. They’ll make us look bad and they’ll lower our collective football IQ.

Get your shit together and build that goddam stadium already! You’re not welcome among Green Bay Packers fans.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. E. Wolf

    Um, Minnesota, to an extent, IS Packer country; from what I understand, there are many Packer fans there, just as there are Packer fans everywhere. Really, everwhere in the nation, and to a lesser extent, throughout the world is Packer country, as we have a national–nay INTERNATIONAL–fanbase.
    I myself am originally from Seattle, and live in NY. I had not set foot in Wisconsin until boxing day of last year, when I made the pilgrimage to Lambeau to see the game against the Giants, ultimately and unwittingly to bear witness and testify–TESTIFY–to the start of msot valiant march on Dallas.
    As for the Stadium deal, Wilf is pulling a classic Arty MOdell shakedown. As I see it, it is a win-win situation for us Packer fans. Either we will have kiled the Wicked witch of the west, or the vikings will continue on, facing years of mediocrity as they are clearly in rebuilding mode.
    Either way, the Packers have indellibly, permanently claimed supremacy in this rivalry–the Green Bay Packers are INNATELY superior the to Vikings, better tradition, better history, best venue in all of football if not all of sports. best fans, best symbol (that illustrious, SACRED Packers oval G that adorns the gold helmet and is ubiqitious throughout Packerland), best uniforms. Oh, and as we have four Lombardi’s (and counting) its Green Bay 4, Minnesota 0. If you count world titles overall, its Green Bay 13, Minnesota NUTHIN!

  2. packers

    ive been living in minnesota for the past 4 years and there is an abundance of pack fans up here, its great. i also have friends that have already started routing for the pack because they’re sick of the vikings sucking so much. it’s already started to happen…

    • Jim

      I’ve been in Minneapolis since 1993 and agree that there is an abundance of Packer fans here. I can’t speak for anything outside of the 494/694 loop, but I can say that Minneapolis and St Paul just aren’t sports towns. People here are apathetic to the Queens, and who with half a brain wouldn’t be? Its a pathetic franchise that leads the lead in nothing other than arrests. Plus, the stadium deal is just a bad deal for the tax payer. If the queens leave, they won’t be missed.

  3. Buddymobile

    I went to the game at the dome and found out that two ladies sitting next to me live in Rogers, MN which is the same city I live in. I see Packer fans walk by my house. We are everywhere, so suck it Minnesota. The choice to join the good guys is becoming more real for Viqueen fans.

  4. ri

    Credit where credit is due – that is a pretty cool video. If I was a douchbag queens fan it would resonate with me. Actually, I’d be an idiot though so somebody would have to explain it to me….then it would resonate.

  5. E. Wolf

    Mind you, those who have donned purple should lose their Green and GOld privileges, that goes for Vikings fans who need a new team if their present team ceases to be as we know it, AS WELL AS erstwhile turncoats who were donning purple, wanting Berty Judas to beat us in 09 and 10.
    I wish Packer fans were more like the Hells Angels. If the latter sees an IMPOSTER or TURNCOAT donning their winged death’s head logo or other Hell’s Angels apparell, they will force those clothes to be removed. And if someone should have an unauthorized winged death’s head tattoo, they will hol him down and remove it, one way another, with a blow torch or sandblater or whatever.

  6. Savage57

    Nuke the entire fucking state, end the debate forever and let the Queens join the Lakers and the Northstars as teams that were smart enough to escape the pedantic, self-aggrandizing, pompous pricks that inhabit the giant shithole to the west of Wisconsin and who’s only noticeable feature is the it gets in the way of a trip to Montana.

  7. Berryjs

    Over my dead fucking body. I will spend the rest of my days seeking out the cum-dumpsters. I will not tolerate this type of bullshit. I have never hated anyone for being different than I, except if you are a Vikings fan. I would join the Sconnie militia in a heart beat if it meant we could go fuck up some purple wearing cocksuckers. God I hate those people.

  8. Landfill

    Vikings fans are idiot bandwagon jumpers you say? Well, unless you have watched the Packers win all of their Championships/Superbowls it would be fair to say that Packer fans are the biggest bandwagon jumpers of them all. It’s pretty easy to pick one of the winningest teams to be your favorite.

  9. Landfill

    Also, doesn’t being a Packer’s fan require you to suck your quarterback’s dick so much for 16 years that you become sick to your stomach to see it finally leave. I’ll pass.

  10. Jack

    “Also, doesn’t being a Packer’s fan require you to suck your quarterback’s dick so much for 16 years that you become sick to your stomach to see it finally leave. I’ll pass.”

    I guess you mean “to see him finally leave”…and actually, he was getting old (read; impotent), so we shipped his ass to the most nutless/impotent fanbase in the world….!

    The idea with this story – warped way of thinking and all – was to point out the fact that any true Viking fan would leave the state along with the team….because they don’t belong with the Pack……monday night: Packers 56 LA Vikings 13

  11. Madcity Packer Fan

    How would it be fair to say Packer fans are bandwagons when that is the only team you have ever supported not based on championship or players. Last time I checked the Packers are not owned by one person and actually do produce impressive wins based on talent that is developed in house. The point is this…Packer fans are not bandwagons because in our minds there would not be another team good enough to follow. We own this team and not some rich prick.

  12. Buddymobile

    So being born in 1979, being Packer fan my whole life, standing by my team in the 80’s when they played poorly, and seeing two Superbowl wins constitutes being a bandwagon fan according to this cockfucker landfill. The Vikings were an expansion team. Before the Vikings, Minnesotan’s were Packer fans. When Minnesota started winning with Bud Grant all those bottom feeder Minnesotans jumped on that bandwagon. So fuck off Landfill, try again.

  13. Landfill

    You hit it on the nail Buddymobile, cause all current Vikings fans were alive and jumped ship when Bud Grant coached the Vikings. Also, being born in 1979 wouldn’t really constitute “standing” by the Packers in the 80’s, maybe the latter part of the decade. Also, I believe you contradicted yourself. If Vikings fans were former Packers fans that hopped on the Bud Grant bandwagon, then I believe it was Packers fans who were bandwagon fans. There, I tried again.

  14. nurseratchett

    Fuck Minnesota. Have always and will ALWAYS hate the Queens. Them signing the ultimate fall from grace (nay, he LEPT from it) just solidified for me that I hate the ViQueens more than any other team in football.


  15. E. Wolf

    Please make it (the Vikings fans inane, idiotic blather) stop. Please. Your intolerable screeds make my eyes bleed.
    Anyway, did you not check teh scoreboard, GREEN BAY PACKERS 13 (and counting), Minnesota Vikings NUTHIN’!

  16. Buddymobile

    Outside the 494/ 694 loop is like mad max and the thunderdome. I don’t think people own a toothbrush in those lands, and they are the true representation of Viking fans. Anybody inside the loop is either a Packer fan, a fairweather Viking fan, or a queer. When the Vikings went 0-2 in 2008 a Viking fan said that it was a waste of time to watch his team and basically gave up on them. A week later the Queens won and everyones tune changed, all of a sudden you saw Viking shit everywhere you went. Sad pathetic little fans.

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