Predictions: Packers vs. Lions

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Shawn: I can make a good case that the 1962 Packers were the greatest NFL team to ever play. They went 13-1 and won an NFL championship. They led the NFL in points scored and fewest points allowed, a feat only matched since by the 72 Dolphins and 96 Packers. The team that won the championship the year before the Packers went back-to-back in 61 and 62 — the Philadelphia Eagles, the 62 Packers beat 49-0. The team that won the championship the following year, the Chicago Bears, the 62 Packers beat 49-0.

And yet, the 1962 Packers not only lost at Detroit on Thanksgiving, but they were trailing 23-0 at half.

This has zero influence on what will happen on Thursday. I bring it up simply to make the point that it really doesn’t matter what happens on Thursday. What matters is what the Packers do AFTER that.

I have been insisting all year that the Packers will not go undefeated. If that is to be the case, then they better lose this game. If they don’t, they have a serious shot at it.

For me, this game mostly comes down to Matthew Stafford versus Aaron Rodgers and how well each gets protected.

Stafford is one of the better passers in the league when he is able to set his feet. If you can get him to move off his spot, his accuracy drops dramatically. The Packers have not done a good job of making QBs uncomfortable all season. This is one QB where it is absolutely vital that they do so. IF they can get Stafford to hurry or move his feet, they can take advantage of his inaccuracy and get some interceptions that could make the difference.

Detroit cares about running the ball about as much as the Packers do. So that is a non-issue this week. Where the reincarnated Kevin Smith is a much bigger concern is in the passing game. Stafford loves dumping the ball to his RBs, and this has been a sore spot for the Packers all year. Stafford also has two decent TEs to throw the ball to, which is the other huge concern that I have.

The Packers have the advantage of getting a great warm up against Tampa Bay prior to this game. Tampa’s D-line plays much the same way that the Detroit line does. Tampa also has Albert Haynesworth, who on a rare good day can be comparable to Suh. The Packer O-line played well against Tampa, at least in the passing game. There is a big difference between at home on grass and away on turf, however. Detroit will be quicker off the ball and so the Packer tackles have to be likewise.

Aaron Rodgers is coming off his worst game of the year and will be playing in a dome. Both are big positives for his performance.

Unlike Stafford, Rodgers can handle some modicum of pressure and still make plays. There may be room to run for Rodgers, though memories of last year might limit that. When the Packers played at Detroit last year, they didn’t have Jerimichael Finley. He can make a big difference here just as he did against Chicago.

I am not even going to get into how much this game means to Detroit socially and economically. I will say that just in the standings this game is a lot more meaningful to the Lions than it is to the Packers. This game is the difference between being a Super Bowl contender and just a playoff contender.

However, don’t think the Packers don’t cherish this historic run that they are on, and coach McCarthy always preaches the importance of divisional games.

A lot of things are telling me the Lions may outplay the Packers and win this game, but the Packers during the last year have been the ultimate big-game team. They show up when it matters most. It would be crazy to pick against them.

Packers 31, Lions 27

Andrew: As I see it the Packers key to success lies in the play of six players. If we can earn a 3-3 push out of these six men then I think we win the game. The six in no particular order are: 1)Bryan Bulaga 2) T.J. Lang 3) Scott Wells 4) Josh Sitton 5) Marshall Newhouse 6) Charlie Peprah

Can at least three of these guys play well? Bulaga usually does, so there’s one. Lang and Wells we’ll call a split (although we could be surprised or disappointed) so that’s two. Sitton faces Suh and is banged up, Newhouse is a liability every game and is also ailing.

That leaves just Charlie Peprah. Yeah…my thoughts exactly.

The Packers start fast but rarely finish going away. The Lions start slow and come on like a freight train. Have you ever seen Zenyatta run? She sits wayyyy back and then just when you think it’s impossible for her to come back she does… and just in time.

I hope I’m wrong and I feel dirty saying it, but this game is much bigger for the Lions than it is us. I see the Packers getting their customary early lead followed by the customary run our opponents generally make to keep it interesting, followed by an extremely rare defensive collapse in the waning moments. It’s going to Megatron. Everyone knows it. But it’s a perfect jump ball that ends the Packers run at a perfect seas0n.

Detroit 41, Green Bay 38

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

17 Comments on "Predictions: Packers vs. Lions"

  1. PackAttack

    Im so sick of seeing John Kuhn getting goal line carries I could puke. Stark runs his ass off all game and McCarthy gives FB dives at the 1 to John Kuhn. What a fucking joke. Rodgers is chasing records and we’re giving handoffs to Kuhn..WOW

  2. Kozak


    Im so sick of seeing John Kuhn getting goal line carries I could puke. Stark runs his ass off all game and McCarthy gives FB dives at the 1 to John Kuhn. What a fucking joke. Rodgers is chasing records and we’re giving handoffs to Kuhn..WOW

    really? That’s what you got to bitch about ?

    • Derek

      wow no shit. I’d be ‘thankful’ that we have Kuhn for that kind of shit. Pretty sure Starks is racking up stats this season. Why is it bad to give it to Kuhn, who is big, to rush in easy touchdowns?

  3. Dave

    Thats what kuhn is good at give me a fucking break. Selfless team asshole, what he your fantasy rb? Douche

  4. RodgerDat

    1st off, I dont play fantasy football. I completely agree with the Running of Kuhn. It makes me sick and every time he gets a carry I want to elvis my tv. He’s slow as fuck, takes him a year to get to the line of scrimmage, every touchdown he has had running has been because of great blocking. Dont get me wrong I love kuhn but he’s not a fuckin running back. We have 2 really good running backs and you’re giving the ball to the slowest guy on the field not a lineman. Enough of that shit. Starks has more than enough explosion and strength to be the go to guy on goal line carries. Talkin about records, thats ridiculous. Get a TD any way necessary but stop giving the ball to Kuhn because it has fucked the team over in the past and will happen again if he keeps getting the ball.

  5. Derek

    hey you bastards, quit picking teams over the Packers. They’re the best in the league this year, and you should have faith in them. Call it close. don’t call it a loss. There’s a reason were the only undefeated team.

  6. Hacksaw

    I don’t give a fuck if Don Vito carries the ball, were 11 – 0! Enjoy this shit, stop bitching bitches!

  7. wisconsinfan

    Kuuuuuuhn is a beast, suh and the whole lions team are whiny bitches i hope desmond bishop and aj hawk are ok

  8. shawn

    As long as Kuhn keeps getting the ball in the endzone, he’ll keep getting it on the 1, and I’ll continue to be frickin happy about it.

    There is nothing for any Packer fan to bitch about. The defense shut up a boatload of people today, and that was with 2 back up linebackers in the game!

    All this team does is WIN. It has been so long since this team lost that I don’t even remember what it is like anymore.

    Frankly, it really hasn’t even been close. The Packers have led by multiple scores in the 4th quarter in EVERY game this season.

  9. Dave

    Aha I say we put in a backup player with the sole purpose of smashing his head into the frozen tundra and stomping his face in

  10. Hacksaw

    Ndomokong Suh, you might not want to step foot in Lambeau Field on week 17. Just some food for thought.

    • Derek

      Ndomokong Suh, you might not even be able to step foot in Lambeau on week 17. Remember what happened to Haynesworth?

  11. worschie

    i think our running game needs to improve,no matter if its Kuhn, Grant,or Starks ,we need better blocking up front!

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