Packers Stock Sale: Here’s What We Know

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Since a lot of people have been asking and the Green Bay Packers haven’t released much, if any information about their stock sale, we thought we’d tell you what we know.

First, stock is not on sale yet. We don’t know when it will be and it sounds like the Packers don’t know either. We’ve spoken to people inside the organization twice in recent weeks and they say they’re still in preparation mode. Obviously, the report from CNN that stock would go on sale last week was completely inaccurate and idiotic.

Second, some people were running around saying you had to be pre-approved to buy stock. Those people are idiots. Here’s word straight from the Packers: “Our past sales didn’t have any pre-approvals, other than being purchased from an address in the 50 states or U.S. territory.” In other words, anyone who has a U.S. address is eligible to buy stock.

Third, you will know when the Packers start their stock sale. They’re not going to keep it secret. Not only will they announce it on their website, but every media outlet that covers the Packers, including this one, will have information about when and where you can purchase stock. You’re not going to miss it.

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24 Comments on "Packers Stock Sale: Here’s What We Know"

    • Carrie

      Agreed! I’m doing the same thing for my hubby. It’s ALL he wants for Christmas this year- he’s forfeited everything else to get this!

      • Remy

        I have told my wife that if she doesn’t buy it for me as an anniversary present… I will buy it myself. (1st anniversary so it works well as a paper present.)

  1. Austin

    I’m in San Diego and the Packers game out here for a pep rally, complete with Mark Murphy. He briefly mentioned the sale, and he said it would be later in November and in time for everyone to get the shares as gifts for family and friends. I wonder if the regulatory process is keeping this from happening so soon.

  2. Michelle

    Thank you so much for an update! I have been anxiously checking all over the web for information since the supposed Sept 15th release date without any sign of recent news and am happy to see an update in any form.

  3. Daniel

    How long did it take from the purchase to the certificate delivery last time? i.e. when does the stock need to go on sale in order to have the certificate for Christmas (roughly).

  4. William Kaile

    Would like to know when the stocks go on sale. I missed the 1997 sale and dont want to miss this one! Thanks.

  5. Mario

    Where does this info come from? Specifically the US Address requirement. I live in Germany and would hate to miss this because its limited to Americans.

  6. Josh

    I have wanted stock since i found out that the packers were owned by their fans. Its a Christmas present to myself, cant wait,

  7. Adam

    The Packers are trying to open up the sale to foreign markets including the UK
    I know this as I have asked as many sources as I can and all say this is possible but not decided.
    I would assume Canada is on the list of potential foreign markets for the stock sale as you are America’s Toupee!

  8. brent

    i really dont want to miss this stock sell. is there any other way to check the sale other then by checking this website daily.

  9. Martin bartholomew

    Why only US address holders only? In a global market we remote fans are just as legitimate. I have twice managed to save up to visit Lambeau from New Zealand! Hope to buy a stock. Go-pack-go

  10. Marc Piotrowski

    hope to find out the date of GB packer stock sale..anyone know when the gb packer stock go on sale?

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