Packers Dismantle Vikings In Proper Fashion

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This one was pretty much over the moment it began.

The Green Bay Packers were hitting on all cylinders in pretty much every facet of the game, stomping the Minnesota Vikings 45-7 in front of a national audience.

Aaron Rodgers was nearly flawless, going 23-of-30 for 250 yards and tossing four touchdowns with no interceptions. Perhaps most telling, he was sitting on the bench in the fourth quarter watching backup Matt Flynn lead the Packers offense.

Jordy Nelson was the primary beneficiary of Rodgers’ pinpoint passes this week, with 63 yards and two touchdowns, but 10 different receivers caught balls on the evening. Even the Packers running game, which is clearly featuring James Starks over Ryan Grant, made an appearance. Starks ran for 63 yards on 13 carries, with most of his yardage coming after contact.

Grant got only eight carries and gained only six yards.

The Packers defense sacked Christian Ponder three times and intercepted him once. He threw for only 190 yards.Meanwhile, Adrian Peterson, who gashed the Packers in the teams’ first meeting, was held to 51 yards.

Oh, and the special teams even contributed to the win, with Randall Cobb returning the first punt he saw 80 yards for a touchdown and Mason Crosby hitting his only field goal of the night. Crosby hasn’t missed a field goal this season.

It was pretty much as if the Packers were just toying with the Vikings. They went for it twice on fourth down and converted easily.

If there’s anything to pick at, it’s the defense’s continued inability to wrap up and tackle. The offensive line also allowed Jared Allen to pressure Rodgers fairly consistently and Vikings got two sacks.

None of it mattered, though.

The Packers are the best team in the league and the Vikings suck. They can fuck off and go home.

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16 Comments on "Packers Dismantle Vikings In Proper Fashion"

  1. iltarion

    That was thoroughly enjoyable. The Packers play defense like that, they will go undefeated.

    I’m not sure where Capers had been keeping C-Wood, but the Kraken got released tonight. C-Wood was all over the fricking place. You add him making plays to CM3 getting loose, and that looked like the defense from last year.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Packers and Vikings players being so chummy with each other. You think the Vikings knew that resistance was futile?

  2. Joe

    Billy passed the first grade
    Oh what a glorious day-ay
    Oh passed the first grade
    The Billy Madison wayyy


  3. darrin

    Highlight of the night (well there were many) was watching CM3 fucking light up Ponder! Flat out leveled him.

    And I love the look on that dumb rodeo jackass Allen at the end of the game…like “what the fuck just happened….”

    Packers keep playing like this, the rest of the league might as well go home.

  4. Savage57

    I could be gracious this morning and forgive all the shitbrain comments that the asshats that cheer for the horned faggots have posted over the years and take the higher road and just be thankful that I don’t live in that shithole state and have to cheer for that ratfuck team…


  5. fuckgreenbay

    I’d just like to say every one of u ed gein and jeffrey dahmer degenerate retards from wi can go fuck a bratwurst. Fuck the packers. I can’t wait to see them go undefeated all season and then watch u fagets cry in February when they lose the superbowl. 18-1 baby. I hope Rodgers punches himself in the face next time he does his gay little fist pump.

    • Savage57

      We’d need lessons from you experts on how to cornhole yourself with a bratwurst. Know why so many Minnesotans eat lutesfisk? – so they can get accustomed at a young age as to what the native women will smell and taste like.

      Take your raggedy, weak, beatdown shit back to that bunghole you call home and stay there until the Pack wins the Super Bowl, then come back here so you can get owned some more.

    • E. Wolf

      I LONG TO KILL YOU. GO PACK. FUCK THE VIKINGS. The score is actually Green Bay 13, Minnesota 0. That is, Thirteen World Titles, and counting.

  6. tkhelland

    I can’t wait until the los Angeles vikqueens move out of our division and we get some real competition in the Rams. They took the lakers and they can have the queens as a consolation prize

  7. Twixxie

    The Packers are a great team and I’ve always liked them, but after reading two articles (and the comments) on this site I’m thoroughly disgusted. Are all Packers fans like this? Get over it, it’s just a game. Clearly you’re taking it WAY too seriously.


    He has a point, why do we take Vikings games so seriously? They’re no rival; they’ve never won anything of meaning.

    Fuck the Vikings and their awful fanbase, I hope your shitty dome collapses again.

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