Jordy Nelson Is Good Because He’s White

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Jordy Nelson

Check it out. That dude's white!

Or something like that…

Receiver Jordy Nelson is having a breakout season with 34 receptions, 633 yards and seven touchdowns. The last two are career highs.

A couple members of the Green Bay Packers were discussing Nelson this week and more or less said he’s good because he’s white.

“I was talking to ‘Wood’ in the fourth quarter and he said, ‘When you see Jordy out there, you think, “Oh well, he’s a white wide receiver. He won’t be very athletic.” But Jordy sort of breaks all those stereotypes,’” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said. “I am not sure why he keeps sneaking up on guys.”

Receiver Greg Jennings agrees.

“They underestimate him. And honestly, he uses that to his advantage,” Jennings said Wednesday afternoon. “Seriously … a lot of it has to do with the fact that guys look at him and say, ‘OK, he’s the white guy, he can’t be that good.’ Well, he is that good, he’s proven to be that good and it’s because of the work and the time that he’s put in – not only on the field but in his preparation off the field.”

This brings me to two thoughts.

First, way to let the cat out of the bag. Second, the Packers need more white receivers.

Do you think Jeff Query is available?

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25 Comments on "Jordy Nelson Is Good Because He’s White"

  1. PackAttack

    Jordy Nelson is good because Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the game, case closed. Rodgers could make any receiver look good because he’s that good. Sorry Greg Jennings, but we put you on Indy, Jacksonville, Seattle, Washington, heck even Chicago and your a nobody, same with Jordy — Jordy benefits from having single coverage down field because no defense in the league can defend against Rodgers.

    As long as you can catch (which the aforementioned has had some problems with — emmm in the Super Bowl?), run a little bit and run routes correctly — you’ve got a chance to make plays with Rodgers as your QB.

    Let’s just say it how it is, Rodgers makes this team what it is on offense, Woodson and Matthews makes this team on defense. That combination = unstoppable.

  2. billyschwills

    White people have an extra tendon in their leg that makes them fast and good at jumping, but also makes them poor swimmers.

    And the whites love chicken. LOVE IT.


    Hold up, Wes Welker is white but is regarded as the best WR on the Pats. This theory doesn’t make much sense to me.

    Good to see some players acknowledge that racist stereotypes work the other way, too, though.

  4. darrin

    Jeff Query – watched him play HS at Maroa-Forsythe (IL) and Millikin U. Dude was just a few years behind me – and was fast as shit!!

  5. BigBayBlues

    ESPN wouldn’t print an article if the roles were reversed. Can you imagine an article about a QB who was underestimated because he was black. “All the defensive guys figure, ‘Well, he’s black, so we don’t have to worry too much'”. Article on Jordy is true, but ESPN wouldn’t have the guts to publish this in reverse.

  6. iltarion

    Did PackAttack just say that Greg Jennings, one of the 5 best WRs in football, would be a nobody on another team?

    Wow, and I thought PackAttack actually watched football.

    And, yeah, A-Rodge totally “made” Nelson on that 17 yard TD where all Rodgers did was throw a zero yard pass. Did you see Rodgers stiff arm that defender to the ground? Awesome.

    This article though is complete BS. Jordy Nelson is NOT white. If he were white, he would be tripping over his feet every time he caught the ball.

    • Ryan

      I completely. Jordy is an excellent receiver, regardless of who throws him the ball. He has proven to have pretty good hands and very good moves. He is quick, elusive and strong.

      Greg Jennings being a nobody on any other team is laughable. He is an outstanding receiver.

      I’m so happy Jordy said this. Its getting a lot of talk around the league and a lot of former white skill players agree.

      Go Pack Go.

  7. nurseratchett

    who gives a shit. I don’t care what color a player is as long as they can play. (Except purple people. I fucking HATE purple people.)

    RE: Jennings…I believe that almost ANY player leaving the current team would not be as successful as they are/have been in GB, with notable exceptions being Woodson, Rodgers, & Matthews to name a few. This team is winning because of the collective effort, commaraderie, and in part because we are practically “diva” free. The “next man up” season that won Title Town its most recent title supports this, don’t you think?

    • PackAttack

      Sorry iltarion, Jennings is good but he’s nothing without his elite QB (take a good look at Reggie Wayne this year). There’s only a select few players in this league that can excel no matter what teams they’re on IMO those players are the likes of Rodgers, Calvin Johnson, AP, Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Antonio Gates to name a few.

      You make it seems like there are no talented WR beyond GB (Jordy Nelson 17 yard TD run? seriously — who cares?), I could take any mediocre WR set in the league, bring them to GB (have them learn the system like Jennings and Jordy did) and they’d be just as productive if not more. In terms of overall talent in the league Jordy doesn’t rank anywhere close to his production numbers. You could take Jordy out of the GB offense and Rodgers still wouldn’t miss a beat.

      What do either Jennings or Jordy do that other good receivers from around the league can’t? From: Ryan – “He has proven to have pretty good hands and very good moves. He is quick, elusive and strong.” — bwhahahha okay? You can say that about how many other “good” WR from around the league too?? Let me ask this, as a professional football player how do you make it to the NFL or onto a starting offense without being quick, elusive and strong? What else is there? Tall and lazy?

      Give it up, be thankful you have Rodgers and not Curtis Painter as your QB.

  8. PackAttack

    Here’s what I find even more interesting. NFL Players voted on who’s the best/rank amongst their peers. They did a whole series of this on the NFL Network before the season started,

    You’ll find Jennings near the bottom (as ranked by his own peers) which obviously means more than being ranked by biased fans and owners. So that should tell you something, oh and Jordy Nelson (sufficient to say) didn’t make the list. Weird.

  9. iltarion

    Ah, on that list, PackAttack, Jennings is the 13th best WR in the league. You are aware that list is the Top 100 players in the NFL, right?

    If you are mediocre, you aren’t even on that list.

    I will say without hesitation that I better know who the best players in the league are than the players themselves.

    NFL players don’t watch that much football. How can they? They are playing it?

    Sure, they watch game tape of their opponents, and play their opponents, but for instance, players in the AFC only see Greg Jennings once in 4 years. And yet, they are supposed to be some sort of experts on Greg Jennings?

    I have MANY problems with that list. Desean Jackson is a better WR than Greg Jennings?? Sorry. No fricking way. Jackson is a one tool player. He is a short guy with speed. Period. He is oft-injured and will always be oft-injured because he is small.

    Desean Jackson isn’t even as good as Jordy Nelson.

    Jennings and Nelson wouldn’t be good without a decent QB throwing them the ball… Insert the name of any WR.

    How good was Larry Fitzgerald last year without a decent QB throwing him the ball? Exactly.

    “Be thankful we have A-Rodge instead of Curtis Painter.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Awesome. Now I know why I post- to be enlightened.

    • PackAttack

      “How good was Larry Fitzgerald last year without a decent QB throwing him the ball? Exactly.”

      This is why getting into pissing matches with idiots like you make these types of arguments a complete waste of time. Fitzgerald was 5th in the league in catches last year you moron, he also posted his 5th year of going over 1,000 yards, his 90 catches were ummmm more than Jennings 76 and that was all with a terrible QB.

      “Desean Jackson isn’t even as good as Jordy Nelson?”

      You must live deep in a fantasy football world or your just stupid enough to believe that. How many 1,000 yards season does Jackson have to Jordy? Jordy barely has more catches than Jackson this season and DeSean isn’t smart enough to wake up in time for games.

      What’s next? Are you gonna tell me now that Ryan Grant is better than Adrian Peterson too? How fucking stupid can you possibly be? Jordy Nelson over DeSean Jackson? You’ve got to be smoking some good shit over there to be that dumb — good thing you have three years of 2 TD seasons from Jordy to base your argument off.

      • iltarion

        Dude, the last thing I am is stupid when it comes to football.

        I played it my entire life, watched it my entire life, announced it, and write about it.

        So, you can stick to your opinion just fine, but calling me a moron is just the sign of someone who has nothing else to make their point.

        Larry Fitzgerald had a shit year for him last year. He had 1100 yards. Jennings had 1265. Fitzgerald scored a whole 6 TDs last year. That isn’t even good enough to finish in the top 25 WRs last year.

        Yeah, he had 90 receptions for 12.6 yards per catch. Way to go. Jennings averaged 16.6 yards per catch.

        We weren’t talking about Fitzgerald anyway. The point is that ANY WR would be shit if Tim Tebow was their QB. Period.

        DeSean Jackson had 47 effin catches last year. 47. And 6 TDs. Nelson is going to do way better than that, and he isn’t even his team’s #1 WR.

        I think few people would agree with me in regards to the incredibly overrated Jackson, but that isn’t bias speaking in my mind. That is just plain observation.

        Put them up against each other. Jackson is faster. Period. Nelson is bigger, stronger, has better hands, runs better routes, has a HELL of a lot better head on his shoulders, and Jackson is always injured.

        Nelson is just a better player.

        But ESPN would tell me I’m wrong. So, I must be.


  10. Greg

    DeSean Jackson is more than just a “short guy with speed” He single handedly won at least 1 game for the Eagles last year, and almost went the distance on the Eagles last possesion against GB in the playoffs. The only time he missed last year I believe was after that $50k car-crash hit with Dunta Robinson. Jackson’s performance this year is a microcosm of the Eagles being a terrible football team this year. Although, I agree Jordy Nelson is also a great WR who’s having a terrific season

  11. OldBugger

    Absolutely lock Nelson in GB forever, but he is hardly the only one of his kind ever. Don Beebe? Golden Richards? Steve Largent? and of course the others and those playing these days. If anybody is not paying attention to Jordy Nelson, you might wanna check their IQ.

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