Johnny Jolly Gets Hard Time

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Johnny Jolly

A free man, no more.

Former Green Bay Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly received a six-year prison sentence for violating terms of his probation today.

Jolly was arrested three times for possession of codeine, which he’s admitted he was addicted to. After receiving probation in relation to the first two charges, one of which was wiped off his record, Jolly was arrested again with the drug in October.

Jolly appealed to Judge Denise Bradley for rehab instead of prison time, but those pleas were denied. He’ll be eligible for parole in 14 months.

Jolly was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in July 2010 for testing positive for codeine multiple times.

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6 Comments on "Johnny Jolly Gets Hard Time"

  1. Derek Vogel

    As the great Rick James once said “Cocaine is a helluva druuug…”

    No but really, I feel for the guy. Addiction can be a terrible psychological, and also physical disease. At least the chances of him going into rehab will probably increase now that he’s had to serve a sentence.

  2. Laura

    Hard prison time for drug possession charges instead of rehab? This poor guy needs Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer. This is seriously a travesty. Non-violent offenders should NOT be subject to such extreme punishments. Can we just call the War on Drugs a draw already?

  3. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    This is really sad. If the packers still had Jolly, he would be starting. He could have, quite possibly, been the packers best defensive lineman by now or at least recognized to be as good as Raji. Do you remember how good this guy was? Especially for being a sixth round draft pick by the packers (183rd overall). I was hoping he would straighten himself out and able to play by at least the 2012 season, but after this long of a prison sentance means the earliest he could come back is if he makes parole after 14 months and back with the team for the 2013 offseason. That might be a little too long out of football and, plus, he probably will not make that parole date because the sentance is for 6 years and he will probably sit for half of it so now we are looking at a possible release date of around 2015. Bottom line, its not looking good.

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