Charger Girls! [Photos]

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Let’s be honest. The best part of the Green Bay Packers playing the San Diego Chargers today is this…

Charger Girls!

The Packers should thump the Chargers based on the statistical evidence. That may not happen, but we have this at the very least — and no offense to the St. Norbert’s or UWGB cheerleaders, who are lovely — Charger Girls!

They may not be the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (and I say that because I haven’t perused their squad), but the Charger Girls are in the upper echelon of NFL cheerleaders. I know this because I have perused and I live in Southern California, so I know what the broads look like.

The Packers don’t have formal cheerleaders. They have those sweet, cute, Midwestern girls from those two local colleges we mentioned. And we love them, but…

Here’s what you guys are missing out on.

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  1. TimL

    Monty, Please do an article on how much our Packers defense sucks. I love our offense but my God! How bad can one professional teams defense look?

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