Favre Tries To Clear Up Rodgers Controversy, Fails

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Brett Favre

We never tire of seeing this photo.

[intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink] popped his head back into the room today to tell us he didn’t say anything wrong when discussing [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] and the Green Bay Packers earlier this week.

If you recall, Favre said he was surprised Rodgers didn’t win a Super Bowl sooner and that he fell into the situation he’s in with the Packers.

Although Favre also said Rodgers is bright and talented, pretty much everyone interpreted Favre’s other remarks as a dig at the Packers current quarterback.

Well, Favre thought he had to defend himself.

“Nothing, for the most part, surprises me anymore,” the league’s all-time leading passer said from his home in Hattiesburg, Miss. “But I have to admit (the reaction to) this one surprised me.”

“It is very (infrequent) when I do interviews,” Favre said. “I was very gracious and complimentary of the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.”

In true Favre style, you’ll notice he didn’t just do the simple thing and say, “Hey, in no way were my comments meant to be anything but complimentary to Aaron. I’m sorry if they were interpreted any other way.”

You see, Favre’s ego won’t let him do that. And so we get the aww shucks, I don’t know what all the fuss is about attitude.

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24 Comments on "Favre Tries To Clear Up Rodgers Controversy, Fails"

  1. Barbara Erceg

    If “nothing, for the most part, surprises me anymore”, then why was he surprised that Aaron didn’t do it sooner?

  2. Harry Hood

    Thats just Favre. And he’s kinda right. Who would we be if we had just Rodgers and not Woodsen, Matthews, Collins, Finley, jennings, Driver……

    • nurseratchett

      Favre had everyone of those guys except finley. Since FInley was not a contributing factor to the last season’s superbowl win AND Favre had Ahman Green, shouldn’t Brent have been able to win a superbowl with that good situation Rodgers fell into?

  3. Chuck

    He is a PATHETIC, Jealious old man that cant stand the fact that the organization has moved on FOR THE BETTER without him & the guy that took his place is a better player than he is. Thompson had the balls to finally say enough is enough ( retirement talk every year) and tell this hick “the ship is leaving without you” to think at one time this guy was my hero. Man, ..

  4. Landfill

    Well said DD. I love how this site bitches about how Favre won’t go away, yet contributes to it tremendously. For being a Packer blog you would think that someone who does not even play football anymore would not be so prevalent on the blog itself.

  5. Robert

    The Favre haters will not let him go.

    I enjoyed watching him play for 16 yrs with the Pack, for a yr with the Jets, and for a yr with the Vikes. His last season was painful and I went to MN to watch the Bear game. The Bear fans did their best to cheer against him as he lay on the ground – the only way they were going to win that day. Packer fans need to go to the Hall of Fame and realize that for decades, he will hold records down there. His jersey will be retired some day, and he will enter the HOF despite the lack of receiving talent. (Jennings was the first pure receiver drafted – the rest were projects and Driver was the only success in that area) The hate for Favre makes GB look like a second class city and it is too bad. There was nothing wrong with his comments about Rodgers – he admires him and he wishes the best for the best team in football. He probably regrets that he saw the talent as they kicked him out of Dodge and he would have liked to have had a chance to play with this team. That is all. For anyone to expect him to retire after he deleted his foundation on the Katrina victims – well – just not thinking it through.

  6. Randy R

    Harryhood says:…………Thats just Favre. And he’s kinda right. Who would we be if we had just Rodgers and not Woodsen, Matthews, Collins, Finley, jennings, Driver……We’d be Super Champions with different receivers, thats who!!!!….Gee Harry, who would Favre be without his players……Dont talk so fuckin stupid Harry!!!!

  7. Randy R

    Favre is right, it should not have taken Rodgers this long to win a S B, if McCarthy would have put Rodgers in for Favre in the 4th Quarter of the 2007 NFCCG, Brett couldnt have thrown that interception to kiss goodbye a S B appearence.

    • DD

      Yes, Rodgers should have played against the Giants in the 2007 championship instead Favre. Because I seem to remember Rodgers having the ball in his hands in an overtime playoff game less than two years ago, but I can’t remember exactly what happened. How did that turn out? I seem to recall a gay looking soccer-kick right into the hands of a Arizona defender who ran the ball in for the the game winning TD. But I must be wrong, because who ever did something like that in a football game had to be a big faggot.

      • john allen

        i love it, good man! funny how favre haters talk as inept as some are, but you hit it out of the park pal! just remember two things about ole number 4, in that 07 game it was as cold as it ever was, favre had been beaten to a pulp, the packers could not run the damn ball, and 3 inches from a completion, and the pack had their chances on d too but could not stop them, yea blame #4, same thing with the jets, started 8-3, then the jets fell apart on d, and favre had to play from behind, and no running game again, blame favre, then 09 favre beat again to death, coach makes a 12 men on field mistake costing them a field goal, favre can barely walk decides to throw instead of running to go to the superbowl, again vikings lost as a team, blame favre, 10 favre makes the biggest mistake of his life being talked back to a team that had lost 5 key players before the season, he had no receivers all year, no o line, no d line rushing the qb, no d backs, no coach, he is and always be a stud, and no other qb will ever be as tough…

  8. Randy R

    Favre needed someone to tell Favre, he wasn’t bigger than the Green Bay Packers…Thats what Ted did, putting his job on the line in the process. Ted has a set as big as the Lombardi trophy he engineered this team to win. I’m sick of Favre, and all his drama b s…..The jets players dont like you, the Vikings dont like you, and you want to alienate the core of fans who loved you…F OFF…………What an asshole Favre is, the 2008 defense sucked, the 2009 off. line sucked…It takes a team Brett, 1 man cant do it….asshole.

  9. Buddymobile

    DD and Landfill- If you don’t like this site then leave. The only reason dickheads like you come here is to stir the pot. Fuck off!

  10. john allen

    give it a rest, who the hell cares, favre is retired and can say anything he wishes as we live in a free country, and rodgers i am sure understands the media loves to fan the flames, he is focused on football….

  11. Abe Frohman

    You know what cracks me up about Favre? He’s so bitter with the Packers that he can’t keep his rips on them straight. In saying “the team has so much talent” yadda yadda yadda, he conviently seems to forget that he wanted to play GM and have a say in the hiring of the head coach (Mariucci) and personnel decisions (Randy Moss). In other words Brett – you were wrong and you can’t have it both ways.

    I think Favre is petty and childish. He can’t simply be gracious when discussing Rodgers – as Bart Starr was to him . It’s still “whip it out and see who’s is bigger” and we know it couldn’t be Favres.

    I’m sure there’s no love lost with Rodgers for Favre, but he’s at least smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it to the media.

    • oh and it was so epic when his dream receiver (moss) and him were finally united…hahaha. I still don’t know what was more fun the 2010 packers success or the 2010 vikings epic faiure..both put huge shit eating grins across my face.

  12. Don Trask

    I think the point that needs to be raised here is that Brent went out of his way to get on the Vikings to stick to Ted Thompson. I am not bitter about it, I just wish he would go away and shut his pie hole. Of course, he helped destroy the Vikings along the way so there is something good that came out of it.

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