Favre On Rodgers: He Fell Into A Good Situation

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Brett Favre

Always has something to say.

If you haven’t heard by now, [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink] did an interview with an Atlanta radio station yesterday.

When asked about Green Bay Packers quarterback [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] leading the team to the Super Bowl, Favre gave one of his meandering answers and, of course, pissed a few people off.

Here it is.

I’m going to be honest, I was not surprised. The biggest surprise to me would be that he didn’t do it sooner. It’s funny how people can get over time, my last year in Green Bay prior to the first game, I made the remark that this was probably the most talented team that I’ve ever played on. And of course everyone looked up and was like ‘This guy’s off his rocker.’ We were very, very young; take me out of the mix and we were by far the youngest team in the league. But I could see the talent pool across the board was outstanding. Now our season kind of ended up being a reflection of that. We came close, and I think we took a lot of people by surprise, but guys emerged rather quickly. Aaron had a chance…even though the last couple years it’s seemed like he’s almost a rookie, he’s been around awhile. And I’d like to think that he watched, he learned, and then when he got a chance to play, he brought in his ability—which is obviously very good or they wouldn’t have drafted him in the first round. He’s got tremendous talent, he’s very bright and he got a chance to watch and see successful teams do it right. And so he just kind of fell into a good situation. On top of that, he’s a good player. I don’t think there’s any pressure on him now, the talent around him is even better than when I was there. So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long. In the early part of last year season, it hadn’t quite clicked yet and I didn’t know it would. I just kind of figured when they hit their stride, they’re going to be hard to beat. And that’s what happened.

Back-handed compliment? Trying to make himself look good? Just being a total dick?

What do you think?

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32 Comments on "Favre On Rodgers: He Fell Into A Good Situation"

  1. RodgerDat

    Who cares, nobody is talking about him anymore and he needed something to get people’s attention, thats all it is. He’s an attention whore and thats it.

    • Dee

      OMG you got that right !! When does this bone head go away ? So, if Rodgers “fell into a good situation” … look what Favre screwed himself out of ! Dumbass !!!

  2. Ryan

    This was not anywhere near a backhanded compliment. It was a slap in the face to Rodgers and TT. Clearly, Favre is still bitter about being let do after the 2007 season. Here, he basically says if you would have stuck with me we probably would have won another Super Bowl. Really, Brent?

    Favre’s talent is undeniable and he is largely responsible for bringing this organization out of a rather miserable two decade plus rut. However, that era is now over and unfortunately we are left with an extremely sour taste in our mouths. While Favre has continued to make all the wrong moves, Rodgers has made all the right ones. He was treated horribly by Favre yet never complained and to this day hasn’t shown any bitterness towards Favre. Not to mention, Aaron just won a Super Bowl/MVP.

    Favre needs to just shut up. We have our guy, A-Rodg, and I wouldn’t trade him for any other QB in or out of the league.

  3. Jen

    I think it sounds exactly like the whiney, bitchy, passive-aggressive, selfish, post-Packers Favre he’s been since he left for the Jets.

    I may love him again someday, but it’s getting more difficult to see how or why when he keeps pulling nonsense like this.

  4. DD

    I read the transcript two days ago when it first came out. I am stunned, STUNNED, that they are trying to make a story out of this. No one who originally heard or read the interview would have come to the conlcusions these pencil-necked weasels and flabby pile-of-shit “bloggers” are trying to foist on us. How does “I’m suprised he didn’t win it sooner” get translated into a negative? They should send Favre thankyou letters for bringing traffic to their sites.

    • Ryan

      How doesn’t “I’m surprised he didn’t win sooner” get translated into a negative. He is taking a shot at Rodgers, again.

    • nurseratchett

      Wow you read it TWO days ago? YOU ARE AWESOME since the interview didn’t air until yesterday.

      Can I borrow your time machine to go back to that Giants game at Lambeau in 2007 & put Rodgers in the game right around the end of the 4th quarter? If we’d actually made it to the Super Bowl that year, then maybe Favre would’ve retired with a little dignity. Maybe then he wouldn’t have felt the need to shit all over a fan base that supported him through some pretty smarmy shit just to get revenge on a GM that no one will remember in 20 years. Thanks to his ego he will be a hall of famer with a legacy that has as many negatives as positives.

    • Harry Hood

      Your right, its not a shot. Its Favre saying, Rodgers is so good, and his team was so good, that they could have won even sooner

  5. Pete

    I am surprised Farve didn’t text photos of his penis sooner. What an a-hole. It took him way longer to get to a superbowl than Rogers. Get back on the tractor loser.

    • Dee

      You’d think he could recognize what a putz he sounds like … running off at the mouth like that !!! He’s jealous , and an attention whore !!! He’ll never be as classy as Rodgers ! Rodgers is twice the Man Favre could even hope to be ! Keep digging your hole deeper Favre !!!!!

  6. Bob

    Total dick – not even close! Coming from a packer fan that goes back to Lombardi
    I thank favre for the super owl and streak but he has lost all class since leaving the team

  7. nurseratchett

    FYI-Rodgers wouldn’t go anywhere near commenting on Favre’s comments. Except for that he wasn’t surprised it took him 3 years to win a super bowl. When the interviewer pressed him, he just made some great comments about how it takes 53 guys to win a super bowl. He wouldn’t even throw Finley under the bus for whining about not getting the ball.

  8. iltarion

    I do find it hilarious how every time Brent is being honest he makes himself look like a jerk.

    I really don’t think Brent intended to insult anyone. He’s just one of those fools that doesn’t even realize what he’s saying.

    • Harry Hood

      Your right, we took the team away from the greatest QB ever, when he was still playing GREAT.

      He was as untouchable as one could be. Only an Aaron Rodgers could have made him expendable.

  9. Madcity Packer Fan

    No one is bowing down to lord Favre anymore and that pisses him off. His comment certainly sounded backhanded. Rodgers didn’t care when ESPN and every other sports media outlet was licking Favre’s ass doggie style and he doesn’t care about anything Favre says now. Favre fell into a good situation with the Packers. He got a chance to play for the greatest team in the NFL. Greater than the entire kindom of lord Favre.

  10. Randy R

    When should Rodgers have won it brett?…Should he have been playing the giants in the NFCCG before you toss a win(pick) to the Giants at the end of the game?….Should he have won it in 08 against Arizona when the defense gave up over 50 to the birds?….Should he have won it in 09 when he was sacked for 50 times?……..Truth is, Favre fell into a good situation playing with the #1 defense in 96. For a guy who tossed 6 picks in 1 playoff game. Threw 2 picks at the end of 2 NFCCG’s he sure talks pretty arrogant. Lets not forget the 04 pick against the eagles at the end of the game giving the Eagles a win….Favre’s best years were 94-98. After that, his playoff record is horrible. 1 S B in 20 years…Brett…just stfu.

    • Harry Hood

      Favre was there like 4 years earlier. Had HORRIBLE O lines and had to leave the pocket every other play. Him and White made the team what it became to be.

  11. factzone

    “He just sorta fell into a good situation…”

    says the former 3rd string backup QB of the falcons that was picked up by Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson.

  12. DevilDon

    To all of you Bernt Fart dick suckers, he didn’t bring this franchise back from our doldrums. Ron Fucking Wolf did it. Without the rest of the players around him Bernt wouldn’t have had the success he did.
    Also, he enjoyed the love of the greatest fanbase in professional sports and he took a shit on it.
    Remember we had Brunell and Hasselbeck and others behind his highness. It was never all about that dickhead. He was never once bigger than the franchise, he just didn’t know it because you petty fucks kept licking his bunghole and still do today.

  13. henry boron

    wait isnt there some guy named Brady out there who is still kicking ass as well???? wait for the showdown He ducked him last year!!!

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