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It’s been a while, but we have some swag to give away again.

You can win a copy of the book Life After Favre from Skyhorse Publishing. We’ve got two of these bad boys to give away.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a book about [intlink id=”41″ type=”category”]Brett Favre[/intlink]. It’s about the beginning of the [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] era and Green Bay Packers fans.

Here’s a blurb about the book:

The 2008 football season was one of transition for the Green Bay Packers and their legion of loyal fans. For the first time in seventeen years, the Packers were entering the season without three-time league MVP Brett Favre under center. After a whirlwind summer of rumor and controversy, Packers’ management decided traded the thirty-eight-year-old gunslinger to the New York Jets, leaving “Packer Backers” worldwide to cope with life after Favre.

With energy, insight, humor, and vivid color, Life After Favre tells the story of a singular team and town. Author Phil Hanrahan reveals the incredible scope and breadth of Packer Nation, and in doing so demonstrates how, when you bleed Packer green, even a 6-10 season can be something special.

The book retails for $24.95.

Life After Favre

Here’s what you need to do to win.

Since most of us can’t stand Favre, tell us what your favorite Aaron Rodgers’ moment is. Leave it in the comments.

It can be anything — a game, a touchdown, a comment, his Ford commercial, etc. Make sure your email is included when you enter your comment so we can contact you if you win.

We’re going to give one book away to the best comment and we’re going to pull one at random, so even if you have absolutely no creativity you can still win just by leaving a comment, so long as it pertains to the subject.

We’re going to let this rip through the weekend and we’ll choose the winners on Tuesday.

Have at it!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

53 Comments on "Contest: Win A Copy Of Life After Favre"

  1. Luke Zancanaro

    My favorite Rodgers moment was the entire playoff game against Arizona. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for that game. Although we lost, I knew after that game that Rodgers was going to be unstoppable. Even the Arizona fans knew it. Walking out of the stadium after the game, one Arizona fan was talking to me and thanked me for letting Arizona win because Rodgers was amazing and we were set at the QB position and they had Warner who was going to retire.

  2. jaybirdgriff2011

    Rodgers first game against the Cowboys
    where he came in after the old man broke down.
    We didnt win but god damn he looked good.
    From that day on I think alot of Packers fans knew
    things would be great when Rodgers would get his chance as the starter for the Green and Gold.


  3. D. Mckeever

    In the context of this contest, and the most recent controversey specifically, it has to be completing the sweep of Berty Judas and the Vikings, at the humpty-dump, in the only blowout against the Vikings in Minnesota that I ever recall.
    After the game, Rodgers was just being Rodgers, in his subtle, carefully calculated comments, in which he stated “I know that I am not bigger than the game, or the team–that the Packers and the NFL have been around a lot longer than I have, and will remain long after I am gone.” Nice, subtle reference contrasting his team first attitude with the egomania runamuck from his prima donna predecessor.

  4. darrin

    November 2007 playing the Cowboys in Dallas. Both teams 10-1 fighting for NFC supremecy. Favre, in a scene all too familiar, looks old, rattled, and mistake-prone, throwing the ball up for grabs in the face of Dallas pressure. Thankfully he gets knocked out of the game, and in comes young Aaron Rodgers. At the time I couldn’t believe another QB was playing for the Packers, but after watching him play with poise and confidence, throwing for 200 yds and a TD, I was sold. I was sitting in a bar in NYC watching the game with a bunch of Cowboys fans, and one guy turned to me and said “that fucking Aaron Rodgers is going to win the game!” He didn’t, but it was obvious the guy could play. Too bad he couldn’t come in against the Giants later on. We probably would have won that game.

  5. Kirby

    My favorite moment…the afternoon of April 23, 2005…the San Franciso 49ers pull the triggger on one of the worst draft day blunders in NFL history by drafting Alex Smith out of Utah thus allowing Aaron Rodgers (a huge 49ers fan by the way) to slide in the draft to the #24 spot and be selected by the Green Bay Packers! It was a life changing moment for Rodgers (who must have been crushed that the 49ers did not pick him) That singular moment 6+ years ago sent two storied organizations in opposite directions…the 49ers have been reeling with their decision for years left having to dealing with Alex Smith’s inadequacies and on the flip side the Packers have won numerous playoff games and a Super Bowl with Rodgers, not to mention an SB MVP, and now Rodgers looks to be in prime position to be the #1 QB of the next decade or more! When you think about what Aaron Rodgers has had to endure in his short career one has to be inspired by the man’s confidence, his humbleness, and his willingness to do whatever necessary to win for his teammates, and most of all for us the fans! He has proved all his doubters wrong (including me circa 2005-08) He has the very real chance to become the best QB in franchise history and that says a lot! I cannot wait to sit back and enjoy the ride! GO PACK GO!!!

  6. peter

    He’s slaying bitches like no other and knows better than to text awkward pics of his dick to them afterward.

  7. Erin

    October 2010, sitting in the stands at historic Lambeau Field for the first time. Feeling in awe of the situation. The place, The excitement, the lights, the crowd, the GAME. Watching Aaron Rodgers and his Packers square off against division rivals MN Vikings led by former Packer QB, Brett Favre.
    That game was a great one, the points were close, both teams wanted it. But watching Aaron sling the ball with pointed accuracy, uniting his team and keeping cool under pressure. There is something magical about watching that team play together. Even though we were riddled with injuries and no one thought we had much of a chance to make the playoffs… there is always that hope, that glimmer. Aaron Rodgers kept that alive, fueling the fire that kept the machine of the Green Bay Packers churching through that unforgettable playoff run to the Super Bowl Victory.

  8. Cameron

    My favorite Rodgers moments come from the 2009 season, when he really ascended as a QB. I was of course ecstatic during the whole Super Bowl run, but it didn’t surprise me. I mean, I knew things could get in our way, but I knew Rodgers had it in him.
    When I think about Rodgers moment, its different from the team moment, when obviously my favorite moment was winning the SB. But my favorite moment for Rodgers individually came during the 2009 playoffs. He played one of the greatest games ever, dismantling the Cardinals, before two pathetic referee mistakes caused us to lose the chance to win the game. He came back from a 21 point deficit in his first ever playoff game, and from then on I knew we had the complete package at QB, and that he would continue to develop and win us a SB (or 10).

  9. John

    I would have to go with Rodgers’ performance in 2007 against the Dallas Cowboys, when he came in the replace an injured Favre. His performance throughout that game coupled with the magnitude of the match-up gave me a lot of confidence. Knowing the Packers had a guy like him waiting in the wings was very promising.

  10. Pack Morris

    My favorite recent moment was the press conference after the Saints game this year, when he repeatedly mocked off-season workouts. Funny, funny stuff right there.

    Favorite older moment, which has now apparently and unfortunately been pulled from Youtube, was his “Shoot-Out” video with Kenny Mayne.

  11. b-rad

    My favorite Aaron Rodgers moment isn’t a moment. It’s one of his many skills. He has the ability to hook up with a hot chick one day, and then hook up with a double covered receiver the next. There is no defense that a lady or opposing team can put up that he can’t break.

  12. Aaron Biderman

    My favourite Rodgers memory has to be the Atlanta playoff game. Never have I seen a QB operate with such precision and finesse. The ridiculous amount of athleticism that he showed breaking out of probably 5 or 6 sacks and completing the pass on the run. Only Mike Vick has that type of elusiveness and he can’t throw on the run like Rodgers can.

  13. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    My favorite moment of Aaron Rodgers’ was when he was drafted. From that point on, I payed close attention to everything Rodgers. I knew what he would become and I knew that eventually he would replace Favre. At that point in time, no one would talk to me about Rodgers, they would either strongly dislike Rodgers or dismissed his name because Favre was going to keep playing and Rodgers would eventually be let go. I could not get anyone to have a conversasion about him with me. Even during that offseason where Favre retired and then tried unretiring, Everyone would not listen to the praises i would have about Rodgers, them saying the whole time he will not be as good as Favre – when I was trying to tell them, Aaron Rodgers will be better than Brett Favre ever was. (this really ercked a lot of people at that time, but oh well >> i won in the end.)

  14. reggie

    I have burned everything I own with that name on it after his recent comments. So, if i am lucky enough to be drawn, I will have extra kindling for my bonfire while watching another Packer team win another Superbowl.

  15. Matt

    I love the Green Bay Packers. Aaron Rodgers has already created tons of memories on the football field, but my favorite memory shows how great a guy Aaron is off the field. This is a true story.

    I have a buddy named Eric that looks exactly like Aaron. Eric saw Aaron at some type of event, so they had their picture taken standing next to each other. When Eric got about 100 copies of the photo developed, he sent one of them to Aaron for an autograph. Aaron not only signed the photo, but he was cool enough to write a message on it as well. The message said, “Two great looking guys, no homo. -Aaron Rodgers.” If that’s not awesome and a great memory, I don’t know what is.

  16. Savage57

    It was during the summer of “love” in 2008 when Rodgers had been handed the keys to the franchise, but Brat wanted them back. The fans went absolutely bugshit for Favre to return and Rodgers, who recounted in the NFL Films show “America’s Game – The 2010 Packer” all of the shit he endured from the ‘fans’ that couldn’t let go of Favre. stayed the course in spite of it. But like anyone, he had limits on the amount of shit he was going to put up with from BF fans. He had the balls to come out and say to them, “Either get with the program and get behind me or shut up”. At the time people all across GBP fandom wondered at his nerve, not knowing that his words would ultimately reflect the changing tide of support for the man who would ultimately become THE Packers quarterback.

  17. Ryan B.

    My favorite was when he put used condoms in Favre’s Oberto beef jerky during his rookie season. Legend has it that’s the reason Farve didn’t like him after that

  18. Dean Sanders

    My favorite is when he deleted his twitter account for this season. class act, and a great example of his focus as a leader and athlete, not a celebrity. #twitterisfordouchebags

  19. Dain

    This is when i knew #12 was going to be a star – So, I went to college at a school right outside of Green Bay. As a sophomore I worked at Bay Park Square Mall, also in GB. One day while taking a break, spotted a group of large guys walking towards me. In the front leading the PACK was a pre-starter Aaron Rodgers – only in his second year at this point and relatively unknown – fucking marching through the mall in a full length grey fur coat. I shit you not! Thats swagger

  20. DD

    My favorite Rodgers moment was in the playoffs when he got sacked, fumbled, purposely kicked the ball like a soccer-playing faggot right into the hands of an Arizona defender who ran it in for a touchdown in overtime, and lost the game. Good times.

  21. GrnMachineCrushesQueens

    You cretans…While the kid is no doubt going to ascend to be the best quarterback ever in about 5-7 years, by way of “pigskinned” lasers that have the accuracy of an eagles eye, his finest moment wasn’t performed with his arm. The best moment of Aaron Rodger’s career surfaced when he was sacked by John Abraham of the Atlanta Falcons at the start of the 3rd quarter during the playoffs. This seemingly dubious play is what gave Packers’ fans what they’ve been salivating at the mouth to see…A pissed-off, merciless, killer-instinctive Aaron Rodgers. You see, the Ass-Clown who dons #55 for the Falcons made a mistake. Following the sack, he mocked the championship belt celebration that Aaron Rodgers had clearly began, loved, and spread to the Packer commonfolk as our point of pride; nary, a beacon of hope. What a dumb, misguided bastard…Being that we were already up 14, McCarthy had never been one to run up the score and we generally play it safe with a lead, I didnt anticipate any restitution, though I did recognize it to be a disrespectful, weaksauce-smothered move. WRONG! After the sack (and in the same drive, mind you) Aaron Rodgers and the Packers blazed down the field (Rodgers even eluded Abraham on one play). On the last play of the drive, Aaron rolled out to his right, PRETENDED TO BE LOOKING FOR A RECEIVER, and ran that bitch in himself. He proceeded to reclaim his belt emphatically, while pointing to his waist as if the gesture was to relay that the belt was sure to stay right there. BAD ASS!! We all know he was right about the championship belt all along (which really should get more consideration for being one of the greatest calls ever, def up there with Babe calling “The Shot”). But yeah, lesson learned. Aaron Rodgers’ has an insatiable killer instinct that may have reached its nexus with John Abraham and his ultimate fail…AND WE AAALLLL SUPPORT HIS APPETITE. “WE’RE THE CHEESE, BUT YOU ARE THE ENTREE…BATTLE ON PACK.”

  22. DevilDon

    My favorite moment was an interview I think at the Pro Bowl after the Cardinal loss. He just took the blame for the loss and was smooth as silk about the whole Bernt Fart fiasco.
    I wish I could find it, you can see the respect Deion and the others had for him.

  23. Nigma

    The Superbowl run was nice but before all that when Aaron came back from the concussion, that kept him out of the game against New England. The Packers had to beat the Giants to keep their season alive in Green Bay. During that game Rodgers threw a season high for yards. My favorite moment was when he slid to avoid a hit and got up and did a “safe” gesture like an umpire in baseball. It got a huge cheer from the crowd and I thought it was a perfect celebration.

  24. Allen7

    Last week, in the mike sound highlights, after tossing a pass and nearly getting sacked, laughing to the Denver rusher: “I need to get rid of that ball a little faster, huh?” *S*

  25. broadsboozeandpackerfootball

    Aaron’s badass mustache this preseason was awesome! (also, since the lockout ended, the guy wasn’t hanging out with Dj Pauly-D anymore. I guess that makes it a favorite moment for everyone)

  26. Mike

    I have two:

    1. When Rodgers scored on a goal-line sneak in the 2008 season opener against Minnesota to get his first win as a starter and begin the Aaron Rodgers era.

    2. 3rd and 10 on the Packer side of the field with upwards of 4 minutes left in the Super Bowl, Rodgers throws an absolute strike to Greg Jennings just past Ike Taylor and just in front of Troy Polamalu.

    There are so many amazing plays by Aaron it’s tough to choose one or even two, however, I think these two show the beginning of an era and the beginning of a superstar.

  27. Keith

    My favorite Aaron Rodgers moment…. Hmmm this is a hard one, everytime I see him make a play I think he can’t possible top it but maybe the next play or the next game he tops it again! His accuracy and his control of the ball amazes me everytime, it’s like the ball is on a string and it shot by a lazer to the receiver. So in short every moment I watch Aaron Rodgers play is my favorite moment, I look forward to every play ! GO PACKERS!!!

  28. Mike

    Rodgers’ epic Fu Manchu in the preseason. Dude had mad swagger. But his best moment wasn’t on the NFL field. It was the night after XLV he went out and partied but forgot to turn off his swagger when he finally went to sleep so he WOKE UP COVERED IN BITCHES!!! True story.

  29. Bryan

    My favorite Rodgers moment was in the Divisional Round against the Falcons, when he converted on 3rd & 7 by throwing a completion to James Jones. If you recall on the first play of that drive, John Abraham sacked Rodgers and mocked him by doing “The Belt” celebration, so it was awesome to see Rodgers make him eat his words.

  30. nurseratchett

    So many amazing laser throws, so many amazing plays, but I think what I like most about Aaron is how he carries himself, especially in interviews when you KNOW the press is wanting him to stir some shit. He’s never really done that, except last season when he threw special teams under the bus a little bit.

    Although it was SWEET to hear Aaron give colin cowherd shit after the super bowl win last season since Colin repeated time & time again that Rodgers didn’t have what it takes to be an “elite” QB in the NFL, I think my favorite moment happened just this weekend on the Sunday Sitdown with Michael Irvin.

    Of course, Irvin started with the Burnt Fart comments of late, and Rodgers absolutely REF– — USED to be disrespectful. When asked if he thought this stuff was ever going to go away, he replied:

    “I don’t think so. On some level, you have to embrace that you are mentioned with a future hall of famer in the same sentence alot, and I’m always going to be the guy that followed him, regardless of what happens.” He then turned the focus back to the Green Bay Packers as a TEAM.

    I found it quite an intelligently disguised Fuck You to the press and to Fart that Aaron never spoke his name during the interview.

    Full interview is here:

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