Bernard Berrian Tells Amputee To Sit Down And Shut Up

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Ah, the [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink]. Still the classiest organization in all of sports.

In addition to starting the season 0-4, their players can still manage to make things worse with their off-field nonsense, which is a talent clearly embraced by the Vikings organization.

It’s good to know that when they’re not getting arrested, at least they can be total cunts in new and more creative ways.

Take receiver Bernard Berrian for instance.

In addition to having a truly awful season — 2 catches, 37 yards… in four games — Berrian managed to offend just about everyone when he told State Representative John Kriesel to sit down and shut up.

Big deal, huh?

Well, Kriesel, who’s an Iraq war veteran, is a double amputee.

Here’s the exchange in question.

Certainly, Kriesel had no reason to prod Berrian to begin with, but hey, he’s from Minnesota and they’re a classy bunch all around. These things should be expected.

Berrian really raised the bar of douchiness for all Minnesotans with his response, though.

I don’t know what it’s like to be 0-4, but it must really suck.

Kind of like playing for or being a fan of the Minnesota Vikings.

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