And Here’s Jermichael Finley Bitching About Not Getting The Ball

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Jermichael Finley

Needs the ball. Or else...

You knew the only thing that could derail the Green Bay Packers high-powered offense was the Green Bay Packers.

We, along with just about everyone else who knows football, questioned whether there were enough balls to go around during the preseason. Well, there aren’t enough for [intlink id=”209″ type=”category”]Jermichael Finley[/intlink], that’s for sure.

Finley was constantly double teamed by Denver last Sunday. Quarterback [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]Aaron Rodgers[/intlink] responded by throwing the ball to his receivers and the Packers won going away.

Finley responded by bitching about not getting the ball.

“Double-teams,” Finley said, shaking his head. “That’s something that we have to go back and look at and create ways to get (me) the ball, somehow.”

I’m sure that’s the coaching staff’s first priority. Finley also explained to Rob Demovsky how this doesn’t make him selfish.

“For sure, they took me out of the game,” Finley told Demovsky. “I don’t know what I came out with, but hopefully we can go back and dial something up for the double teams. We’ve got to have something for it.

“We’ll have to go back, not being selfish or nothing, but go back and dial up something so you can get your playmaker the ball in games like that when it’s close.”

And so, the first chink in the armor is named Jermichael Finley.

Hopefully, the veterans on the team can reign him in.

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28 Comments on "And Here’s Jermichael Finley Bitching About Not Getting The Ball"

  1. Packerfan2008

    I’m alomst hoping he isn’t resigned by the packers.he just doesnt have the attitude of being a packer. He is a great tight end, but the packers won the superbowl without him and they can do it again if needed. I’m sure if he gets traded to any other team he will feel right at home getting the ball all day long.

  2. Darrin

    The only guy on the TEAM that spells it with an “I”. Consider yourself lucky you have Rodgers to throw you the ball.

  3. Dave

    yeah i say get rid of him, his twitter account also posted this today “#TEAMFINLEY on the go! #YOTTO” he cannot be reigned in.

  4. You’ve gotta be kidding me with this shit… A team player would realize after you have a MONSTROUS game, getting doubled during the next one is going to get shit wiiiiiiiide open for your TEAMMATES.

  5. Taryn

    You give a mouse a piece of cheese(3tds) and he wants a glass of milk.
    IMO,TT will see,if he hasn’t already,this egomaniac is and will be …insatiable.
    I hope Rodgers doesn’t look his way once this week and win again just to see his assinine,unteam oriented rants.
    Finley is the Winner of the biggest Loser!

  6. Chuck

    This is the one thing that’ll get him run outta town. See that lombardi trophy in the lobby ? yeah, we won that without you, dont forget that. IT’S WE not ME in Green Bay .

  7. guysocke

    @JermichaelF88 better adjust his attitude or he’ll end up trying to catch errant passes from a shitty QB like @JayCutler6 next year.

    I love Twitter.

  8. Big AL

    I don”t look to see this selfish fuckstick back next year, but i do want to see him do well enough so we can trade his sorry ass for a high pick & pay the team players we have coming due.

  9. Kirby

    I think everyone is blowing his comments way out of proportion…he is a great tight end who wants the ball…it is no different than a wide receiver wanting to get more passes thrown his way! Would we want him to say that he does not want the ball thrown his way every play? Besides I think he could easily beat double teams if given the opportunity to out jump the defenders for the ball! Our offense would still be great without Finley but with him we are damn near unstoppable!

  10. Pack27

    Agree. Didn’t think his comments were that bad. All he really said was that he’d like to see the coaches come up with a double team plan for him.
    Seems to me he enjoys contributing and wants the action.
    Really not a big deal.

  11. guysocke

    We rout a team at home where the ball gets spread around and this guy is bitching about individual statistics. It’s not always about the message, but rather how it is delivered. Referring to yourself as the “playmaker” when you are on a team full of weapons is a joke and is even worse than using the third person.

    The problem is that this isn’t the first time he has made brash, anti-team comments and, more importantly, it doesn’t feel like it will be the last. The organization doesn’t put up with this kind of bullshit, nor should they.

  12. Ryan

    After last years twitter bitching he blasted out and now this? I’d like to see him get traded tomorrow for someone who’ll sure up our secondary.

  13. jcredible32

    STFU Finley!…not being selfish? That’s exactly what you are being. You want plays for when you’re double teamed?…Let the Aaron get other guys involved and the double teams will shift. Disappointing but TT wont trade him…

  14. chas

    Dont read into this so much. Jf is a football stud who wants the ball. What do you want him to say he is happy with a couple touches. Trade him my ass. Pay the man after he puts up freak numbers this year.

  15. DoubleDave

    Dude needs to grow up. Give him a chance. Let Drive, and Jennings to bring him back down to earth. I agree though, that if he doesn’t drop this crap towards the end of the year we shouldn’t resign him. Its destructive to Green Bay’s football culture. Packers take the high road and do what they can to lift each other up.

  16. iltarion

    I don’t think these comments are a big deal. Finley isn’t the smartest guy in the world. So, anytime he lets loose, he’s bound to say something regrettable.

    I’m sure he still wants the ball even when he is double teamed. That’s fine by me. He is just too stupid to realize how poor the timing is, and he is also too stupid to recognize when a reporter is trying to hook him.

    Pay the man? Hardly. The quickest thing people forget is that it takes two to make a contract. I don’t think Finley will be interested in what we have to offer him. We have 3 of our WRs extended. Can we afford to pay a max contract for a TE? I doubt it.

  17. Daaaave

    Fine. Want the ball. But the best way to “dial up something to beat the double teams” is to gash defenses everywhere else so they will be forced to adjust. How long you been playing this game?

  18. Madcity Packer Fan

    He knows Aaron is going to throw it to the open guy. I agree that he does need to get his ego in check but trading him would be a mistake.

  19. jaykat

    I don’t know why these coaches think they have no right or responsibility to control their players. Make Finley sit through 6 hours of ‘how to be a team player training’. it should be part of a coaches responsibility’s to maintain team order. if you have undisciplined, discipline them. if they choose the low road, at least it didn’t go unpunished.

  20. Kristofer from Oshkosh

    Jermicheal Finley is probably a top 3 or 4 player on the team. You are all crazy if you think he should not be resigned. He has the potential to be the best reciever/tight end to EVER play the game. Thats right, he can be better than any reciever and any tight end who ever played this game. Do you guys understand that? maybe even the second best player on the Green Bay Packers. He needs to get the ball. Thats what he is saying. You are an idiot if you think Finley should be traded or not resigned. The Packers could be sporting the best offense to ever take the field, right now. That will not be the case, or even a debatable case, if we lose Finley. Think about it. Jermichael Finley is a Beast and in the near future the best catcher to ever play. DO NOT LET HIM GO!!!

  21. factzone

    what, you don’t want one of our best weapons to hate not being productive?

    I’d rather put up with his whining than not having him hog up double teams that happens to allow our Awesome Core of WRs to get shots in 1 on 1 situations (which our dudes win 5 out of 5).

  22. stephen

    Ok, seriously, this is really starting to annoy me and I’m tired of people making excuses for this guy. Finley is like 25 years old and should know better. THose comments are not casual. This guy has a huge ego. I fear this is javon walker 2. Its disappointing that someone would be like this even though they are 4-0 and on a great team….

  23. Adam

    Yeah, way to show up in this Atlanta game you fuckstick. Drop another pass while you’re out there. (i’m drunk in a bar in San Diego, and fuck these Atlanta fans)

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