Nick Barnett: Buffalo Better Atmosphere Than Green Bay

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Nick Barnett

The [intlink id=”509″ type=”category”]Buffalo Bills[/intlink] are off to a 3-0 start and a guy most of us had forgotten about is drinking the Kool-Aid, talking about Buffalo like it’s the greatest place in the NFL to play.

We’re talking, of course, about outspoken former Green Bay Packers linebacker [intlink id=”139″ type=”category”]Nick Barnett[/intlink].

Barnett told NFL Network Buffalo has the best atmosphere in the NFL.

“There’s no other atmosphere like this, I don’t think, around. Green Bay is very close. We’ve got some great fans here, though,” Barnett said.

Not that we’d expect him to say anything but good things about the city he’s currently playing in, but Barnett delivered the comment unprompted. He wasn’t asked which fans or atmosphere is better.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Barnett has 29 tackles and a forced fumble on the season.

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10 Comments on "Nick Barnett: Buffalo Better Atmosphere Than Green Bay"

  1. Ryan

    Oh come on… Sample size anyone? The two games he has played in Buffalo the team has come back from a 21-3 deficit against the Raiders and 21-0 deficit against the Patriots. Of course the atmosphere has been amazing for those two games!

  2. peter

    Buffalo fans are great fans and it is true it is very much like GB but maybe if nick spent more time playing football than punching bitches in the face at his club he would still be on the team. Business is Business but he choose the low road where as Al and Kamp took out full page ads to thank the fans the mark of true packers!

  3. Vijay

    Nothing wrong with the guy…he’s playing to the camera just like the Claymaker can…these guys have fun with it in their own way.

  4. Phillthy

    This is Barnett’s true forte. He is a talker in the likes of Finley, Irvin, and TO. Let him talk and have fun he had class when he left forgetful people. A true asshole takes a team hostage while contemplating his retirement and plays for a bitter rival.

  5. I Should Be Studying

    Of course the atmosphere in Buffalo is awesome right now; they were one of the two worst teams in the league consistently for the past decade. Now they are winning games (in dramatic fashion) and the fanbase is rejuvinated, excited, electric. The Pack has been riding high for a long time. We’ve got the greatest organization in the league, and have high expectations of our players and coaches as a result. If you don’t perform, the crowd will turn on you. Had he gone to the hapless Bills two years ago he’d be singing a different tune.

    It’s not like he’s an opportunistic egomaniacal asshat who went to Minnesota or anything…

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