Is Rodgers Still Dating Destiny Newton? We’ll See! [Photos]

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Look, I’m not so concerned about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Roders’ dating life right now.

That motherfucker needs to win football games, especially since the Packers secondary is giving up 400-plus passing yards a game.

So listen, no fucking pressure, but here’s the deal. You need to not think about broads for the next 15 weeks and then, when you’re done getting the Packers a first-round bye in the playoffs because of your awesomeness, I will go out and let you be my wingman.

And by wingman, I mean you’ll stand around and look awesome and watch me pick up broads. Because you’re going to be focused on the playoffs!

As you know, that’s what’s important!

So, while I’m taking care of business, and you’re settling for second best… or whatever, remember this — only one motherfucker gets first place at the end of the NFL season.

And that motherfucker ain’t gonna be me. It’s gonna be you!

So do what you do. Fling balls. Make them perfect. Make Jon Gruden spread his crotch wider than it’s ever been spread!

Because let’s face it…

I have my moments, but you’re the fuckin’ man!

When the season is over, I will acquiesce all these broads to you.

And I will take your chafe.

Because you’re Aaron Fucking Rodgers.

Anyway, my boy over at Busted Coverage pointed this out to me and I couldn’t ignore it forever. Destiny Newton — Aaron Rodgers’ last known broad. She’s not Erin Andrews, she’s not that broad from Lady Antebellum… she’s fucking better!

But hey, every man for himself! You’re playing football. I’m writing blog posts and getting ripped…

Sorry bro. Season will be over soon… but only if you take care of that business! And don’t take that as an invitation to bow out early in the playoffs, because I will take care of business extra hard then.

Just saying.

Until then, nothing to worry about. I’ve got it covered!

On a side note, if anyone knows who Destiny’s hot-ass friend is, please email us. She deserves some coverage of her own.

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16 Comments on "Is Rodgers Still Dating Destiny Newton? We’ll See! [Photos]"

  1. ri

    I realize that I run the risk of ending up on a “Man Up” Miller Lite ad by saying this, but the hot friend is her sister Chantal, who was on the Bachelor last year. And, since my wife makes me watch this show, I can also tell you that these girls work for their family business – a mortuary… Well, probably not Destiny as she is banging Araon F-ing Rodgers, but the other one does…

  2. Vijay

    I’ve seen plenty of tail like this at any downtown bar. Her tramp stamp is ‘OMG’ trashy. He could do better but hey, she’s good looking and maybe easy going like him…also, she might be willing to share her sister! That’s a plus! GO TMZ!!

  3. Rymetyme

    yeah… he’s having fun while he’s on top of the world. He should, he’ll have a wifey within 4. Aaron is way too proud to not make little Aarons (and I wouldn’t change his personality BTW.. perfect for a QB).

    I liked Karen SZOHHHAARRCHHHH.. perhaps he’ll circle back to her when he’s ready for matrimony.

  4. Sisto

    I would hope Aaron Ridgers loves women my gosh! Not only he’s got to read the opposing Defense, he’s got to keep his eye’s peeled for the Gold Diggers,too! I’m sure A-Rod is doing just fine with the dollies!

  5. Chico Guy

    Yes, Aaron Rodgers is still dating Destiny Newton. I saw them together (and also with Shawntel) here in Chico today. I don’t know Aaron, nor had ever met him before today. But I did very briefly say hi to him and congratulated him on winning the MVP. I can tell you that he really is a very good guy–very down-to-earth. The type of guy you’d want as a good friend.

    BTW, rumor has it (from a good local source) that Aaron & Destiny are recently engaged! If so, I wish them both the very best!

  6. hollie q

    Never ever would I want to be famous..nope there isn’t enough money in this world that would make me wanna have to live the rest of my life in front of the world…and have reporters writting stories and having the world comment on my personal life….I have much respect for mr rodgers and I loooooove my packers till death do us part..and to listen how “some people talk about him and refer to him as a “mother fucker” makes me sick..who’s gives a shit whoo he’s dating let the two live their lives while u all get one of your own…but this I will say..why is it u always see the same excat pics of destiny or the two of them..nothing new?????

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