Donovan McNabb: Awful

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Donovan McNabb and Philip Rivers

Rivers: "You really suck balls."

The [intlink id=”35″ type=”category”]Minnesota Vikings[/intlink] might have beat the [intlink id=”756″ type=”category”]San Diego Chargers[/intlink] yesterday if their big offseason acquisition, quarterback Donovan McNabb, were worth a shit.

McNabb, who looks like a shell of his former self, essentially picked up where he left off last season when he was with the Washington Redskins. When we last saw the former Eagle, he was getting benched in favor of Bears castoff Rex Grossman.

McNabb’s first pass against the Chargers was picked off. Overall, he was 7-of-15 for 39 yards, one touchdown and one interceptions.

That’s not a mistake. He really threw for only 39 yards. His quarterback rating was a marvelous 47.9.

The Vikings look like they would have been better off going with Joe Webb until rookie Christian Ponder is ready to start.

Nice work again, Minnesota.

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12 Comments on "Donovan McNabb: Awful"

  1. chas

    what a joke this team is. mcnabb was quoted to say “we took it to them” . living here in the land of purple is going to be fun again this year.

  2. Chas

    Just watched some of McOver’s comments and he seems like he is just mailing it in. Everything was we, nothing was I. How can a NFL quarterback have 39 yards passing and not defend, apologize, rant, swear, or whatever. I was thinking a Tim Tebow moment would be in order and instead he showed a beer league softball game loss instead…

  3. Landfill

    I agree, terrible game on McNabb’s part. However, there are these one things called sample sizes…

  4. Vikings, please bench him

    Please Vikings, at least give the other QB’s a chance to learn this season. What is the point of watching McBadd take us to a 2 and 14 season (id we are lucky)! I’d rather see that season with a young QB who is at least learning. There is no reason or consolation to keep playing McBadd

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