Cobb: We Want To Be The Best

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Randall Cobb

Green Bay Packers rookie receiver [intlink id=”1616″ type=”category”]Randall Cobb[/intlink] is all the rage this week after scoring on two now-he’s-down, now-he-isn’t plays against the [intlink id=”234″ type=”category”]New Orleans Saints[/intlink].

He made an appearance on the NFL Network on Monday, where he discussed his kickoff return touchdown, receiving touchdown and the Packers receivers.

Cobb was humble throughout and has obviously been tutored well by the team’s veteran receivers, who’ve instilled the team-first mentality.

“As a group, we want to be the best; we want to be known as the best,” Cobb said, referring to the Packers receivers. ”We go out to practice every day and we’re trying to get better; we’re pushing each other, we’re motivating each other, and if somebody is slacking, we let them know. I think that’s really something about our group is we don’t care who is getting the success as long as everybody in the room is doing their best and doing what they can to help everybody else out.”

It’s both interesting and encouraging to see, considering the Packers are loaded with weapons on offense.

A lot of people thought the Packers biggest problem this season would be finding enough balls to keep everyone happy. That doesn’t appear to be an issue, at least right now.

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15 Comments on "Cobb: We Want To Be The Best"

  1. Jon_in_wi

    Cobb has a great attitude … it’s all about striving to be the very best and in my book.. the Packers are the best.. win or lose

  2. Ed Gein

    Attn: Javon Walker. Where are ya buddy? If your head was on straight like Cobb’s you would probably be headed for the hall of fame. Good luck playing Madden and jacking off.

    • Harry Hood

      Little harsh maybe. Wasn’t it repeated knee injurys that did him in(and almost getting his head blown off, and then getting mugged in Vegas).

      After the first blow out in GB, I think GB saw something that can’t be fixed.

  3. Yup

    I suppose we can also thank The Lord for rupturing Jon Beason’s achilles on Sunday. Thanks, Mr. The Lord, I’m really glad you care so much about football!

    • Harry Hood

      Who? …..oh don’t care.

      Anyways, I don’t think god does care about football, why would he. He cares about his people, and what they care about, and rewards them WHEN they deserve it.

  4. Daaaave

    God, Almighty, who art in Heaven, let thine hand guide John Kuhn to be directly in front of me whence I shall lose my balance…and inspire him to stand me up again lest I fall in disgrace at the mere 30 yard marker…and then give me the strength to run alongside my team-mates who will deliver me to the endzone untackled. And then, Lord, shield me from my coach’s wrath for I had unwisely brought the ball out of the endzone for my own selfish reasons and also because, as you surely know, oh Lord, that touchbacks suck ass.

  5. nurseratchett

    “we don’t care who is getting the success as long as everybody in the room is doing their best and doing what they can to help everybody else out.”–THIS is a TEAM. I don’t care if its God, Budda, Vishnu, or (insert your diety here) that inspires them….


  6. Harry Hood

    The packers problem will never be keeping people happy. They take care of that by being who they are.

    We won’t have any of those Briggs kind of guys. Who would want out of Green Bay? The kind of people GB doesn’t draft.

  7. Martinez

    This is not a place for religious discussion, there are enough hypocrites out in the world we dont need them in here. Go Pack Go.

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