Victoria’s Secret Is In The Green Bay Packers Business [Photo]

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Victoria's Secret NFL collection

Alright, let’s be honest. This isn’t Green Bay Packers gear for every woman.

If you’re a man and you don’t want to see your woman in lingerie, don’t buy this for her. Sweatpants are a better choice for everyone. The same goes if you’re a woman.

If other people don’t want to see you in lingerie, a nice baggy sweater will do.

Anyway, know your limits.

With that public service announcement, we give you Victoria’s Secret PINK’s new NFL-themed numbers.

Actually, we’re not giving you the whole collection. We’re just giving you the photo of this hot broad wearing the Green Bay Packers entry in the collection.

We salute you too, honey — only from a different angle.

Victoria's Secret NFL collection

(Via The Big Lead)

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3 Comments on "Victoria’s Secret Is In The Green Bay Packers Business [Photo]"

  1. Jack

    Ahhhh Green and Gold!
    …I’d take a snap from her anyday…and I’m quite sure A-rod feels the same way (hell…might even be worth a concussion!)

    And I’ll tell you something else; she probably snaps the ball better then the trained jackass the Bears use……!

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