Please Help Us Caption This Photo

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Gabe Carimi
When I first saw this at Busted Coverage I said, “Please be from Chicago Bears’ camp!”

It is.

Then, I said, “Please be Gabe Carimi!”


The former Wisconsin Badgers tackle is now a member of the [intlink id=”13″ type=”category”]Chicago Bears[/intlink]. He’s also the guy who swore off the Packers when he was picked by the Bears, which more or less erases his time as a Badger from our memory.

So, have at it. The best caption will get something from the Total Packers swag room. We don’t know what, but it will surely be awesome.

For the record, the actual caption of the photo was: Bears’ first-round draft choice Gabe Carimi exits a portable bathroom during the middle of practice.

What in the hell was he doing in the can in the middle of practice? Was Kristin Cavallari in there?

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

72 Comments on "Please Help Us Caption This Photo"

  1. Billyschwills

    Jay, clean up your bitch mouth and come out of there. Like I told you before: “When I’m finished; you’re finished.”

  2. Mark

    Man, Cutler was right! That was the best meal I’ve had since the draft! Try the Chocolate Nut Fudge. It’s to die for!!

  3. Randy R

    The woman to Gabe….”Hey, the blue ones are for the men, the orange ones are for the women”….Gabe to woman…”Well, they just told me to follow Jay, and go where he goes.”

  4. Chazman

    Gabe Carimi exits the portable bathrooms as Jay Cutler gets ready to enter another one in order to change.

  5. PutMeInCoach

    “If it weren’t for my enlarged butthole from all the gay anal sex going on in the Bears locker room shitting out all of that jizz might have taken a lot longer”

  6. PutMeInCoach

    “My bad, I thought this was Jerry Angelo’s office. I just wanted to orally thank him for drafting me…. Pun intended”

  7. b-rad

    How to turn a Wisconsin Badger into a Chicago Bear.
    Step 1 – Rinse player in 90 degree steaming port-a-potty water.
    Step 2 – Remove male genitalia.
    Step 3 – Eliminate any hope of success.
    Step 4 – Teach player to whine and complain.

  8. Name (required)Guysocke

    Gave Carimi, pictured here following a mid-practice Bear-boy butt rape, was Chicago’s first round selection in the most recent NFL Draft.

  9. Todd Arndorfer

    How about this caption? “Carimi makes sure his Outland trophy is still safe in the outhouse.”

  10. Mark

    Fucking GPS! I put in SuperBowl and this is where it sent me. Then it said: “Go 185.2 miles turn right and “THE BEARS STILL SUCK”

  11. Mark

    or…… If this thing can handle my fat ass, that’s the closest I’ll ever get to a SUPER”BOWL” with the bears!!!

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