Packers May Consider Cutting Grant

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Ryan Grant

Grant is no certainty to make the roster.

The Green Bay Packers may consider cutting running back [intlink id=”64″ type=”category”]Ryan Grant[/intlink], according to Tom Silverstein.

Grant, who missed all but one game last season with an ankle injury, appears to be in competition with [intlink id=”1280″ type=”category”]Dmitri Nance[/intlink] for one roster spot. That’s assuming [intlink id=”1038″ type=”category”]James Starks[/intlink] and [intlink id=”1618″ type=”category”]Alex Green[/intlink] are guaranteed to make the team.

“We’re trying to get Ryan and James – and, now Alex is back – we’re trying to get those guys a certain number of carries each game,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “I definitely would like to start off getting Ryan going this week.”

It’s impossible to read McCarthy’s mind, but the decision to see more of Grant means either he isn’t sure whether Grant still has it or he’s sure of it and just wants to get him back to form after a year layoff. Grant has missed some running opportunities this summer, including a poor decision on a draw play against the Cardinals, but he’s also the kind of player who gets better with carries.

None of the Packers running backs have gotten many carries this preseason. Grant has eight, Green six and Starks two.

Nance had four in the Packers win over Arizona last week, but he gained 28 yards against the Cardinals third-string defense. Impressive average against guys who aren’t very good.

The players’ salaries may also play a role in the decision. Grant is scheduled to make $3.5 million and Nance will make $525,000.

This week’s game will likely give us a better idea of how the team’s running back situation will play out.

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9 Comments on "Packers May Consider Cutting Grant"

  1. Y

    He just restructured his contract. It went from 3.5 to 2.5.

    Still unclear as to what this means. It could mean he gave up the bonus money because he’s not going to be on the roster OR that he’s going to be on the roster and the timetable has changed.

    Hope it’s the latter. The other guys are great, but Grant has more experience in actual NFL games.

  2. packerfan2008

    Nance sucks serious balls…only reason I can see them cutting grant is to free up cap room for another DE or LB.

  3. GreenAndYellow

    i acknowledge that the idea sounds crazy when you first read the headline, but its not necessarily about a direct comparison between the two. personally, i think they’d be fine with starks and green as the main attack (obviously an injury to either would then be potentially pretty devastating without grant) and the fact that grant has $3.5 mil in base salary and almost $6 mil in cap space is something that TT will always consider.

    nance (at only $525,000 salary) runs hard as hell and im not saying he’s anywhere near grant’s level, but the RB coach, jerry fontenot, seems to think he’s their best blocker and clearly everyone involved wants to keep a-rod on his feet. the money we would save now would most likely go to finley & sitton next year and frankly i like the sound of that.

    • GreenAndYellow

      i just read that they restructured grant’s contract, dropping him from $3.5 to $2.5 mil, but the whole thing is guaranteed (none of it was before). it wouldn’t make any sense to guarantee someone money like that if you don’t plan on them being around

  4. Randy R

    D. Nance couldnt find a hole in a slice of swiss cheese. J Fontenot sucks. What makes him coaching material?

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