More Brandie Underwood: Hot Or Not? [Photos]

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Brandon Underwood

You like my wife?

Thanks to one of resourceful readers, we’ve come across more photos of Brandon Underwood’s wife, Brandie.

When we last saw Brandie she was in court with her husband telling anyone who would listen she never meant to call the cops on him. The Green Bay Packers safety is being charged with disorderly conduct after a domestic incident in June.

Anyway, for purely scientific purposes, we asked you if Brandie Underwood was hot or not based on the limited photographic evidence initially in our possession.

With this new stash we think you’ll be able to make a better decision. So have at it!

And finally, just because we don’t want to disrespect Brandon too much, here’s a little ditty from The Darkness for the man of the house.

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13 Comments on "More Brandie Underwood: Hot Or Not? [Photos]"

  1. b-rad

    Underwood is like the shitty version of Charles Woodson, and Brandie is like the trailer park version of Erin Andrews. They seem like a perfect match. Maybe, if they’re lucky, (and we’re unlucky) Underwood will get to play football again.

  2. King

    B-Rad… I wonder what sh*tty version you are? The sh*tty arm chair QB kind… I wanna see u go match up with a nfl WR n see how you do. As for trailer park EA, prob better than anything than your getting.

  3. vik

    Brandie is gorgeous and one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. In no way is she trash!!! She’s lived through more sadness than most. Be Kind. (Thanks to those who already have)

  4. Tiffani

    Brandie is a very nice, down to earth person. She is also a wonderful mother. Perhaps most of you need to find something else to do. Reducing a person to “Hot or Not?” and then making disrespectful comments about someone you don’t even know is immature, superficial, and arrogant. Adding a picture of Brandie with her son is just crass. A protective parent like her would never want unsolicited pictures of her children floating around the interment. Utterly disrespectful.

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