And Down Goes Mike Neal

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Mike Neal

Injury prone?

Who saw this one coming?

Second-year player [intlink id=”1033″ type=”category”]Mike Neal[/intlink] went down during today’s practice with what is being called a sprained knee.

The Green Bay Packers were counting on Neal to replace the departed [intlink id=”163″ type=”category”]Cullen Jenkins[/intlink] and had essentially handed him the job.

The severity of the injury wasn’t immediately known, but Neal stayed down for several minutes after getting his feet tangled during a defensive line drill. He was in obvious pain, clutching the knee as he laid on the ground.

If there’s a good sign, it’s that Neal eventually walked off under his own power.

Neal spent most of his rookie season on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. If this injury turns out to be serious, we’re going to start wondering if [intlink id=”20″ type=”category”]Ted Thompson[/intlink] drafted the new [intlink id=”100″ type=”category”]Justin Harrell[/intlink].

If Neal is lost for an extended period, [intlink id=”1042″ type=”category”]C.J. Wilson[/intlink] becomes the leading candidate to take over his starting duties. The Packers may also have to sign a veteran for depth.

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  1. iltarion

    The news at 5:30 here in Green Bay is that Neal was quoted as saying: “It’s no big deal. There’s no tear or anything. It’s just sore. I am walking fine. I will be back to practice.”

  2. Greg

    Great to hear Neal is looking OK. Letting Cullen Jenkins walk still leaves a vulnerability at this position. I would have liked to see him eased into a starting role than play & pray, hopefully CJ Wilson’s ability was a factor in letting Jenkins leave.

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