Eagles Interested In Favre

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Brett Favre

Do you think Favre wants to be a backup?

The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly interested in Brett Favre as a backup to quarterback Michael Vick.

Philadelphia is expected to trade their current backup, Kevin Kolb, and wants a starting-caliber backup for Vick. Enter Favre, at least in name.

The quarterback hasn’t given any indication he wants to play this season, but we all know how that goes. Fortunately, it looks like a deal is a long shot.

A team source told The Inquirer that bringing Favre to Philly was a “long shot” and that a “lot of things would need to fall into place” for it happen. For one, Favre may not even want to play football anymore, although he’s held the NFL hostage before with his will-he-or-won’t-he-retire act.

The reason the idea has legs is because of Favre’s relationship with Eagles head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, both of whom were on Mike Holmgren’s staff in Green Bay.

Vick, for one, likes the idea.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick tweeted the following Sunday morning: “I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.”

Good luck with that circus, Philly.

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  1. nurseratchett

    The only good thing about the lock out is I made it over 4 months without hearing about he who shall not be named.

    The poor guy is a complete joke. It’s even got my bitter ass feeling sorry for him.

  2. Daaaave

    Come to Philly, Brent. Unlike those New York snobs, we don’t care so much about sexting… and dick pix…and sexual harrassment…..oh, and dog murder among OUR quartback corps.

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