Ring Ceremony Tonight; Not Invited: Josh Bell, You

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Josh Bell

No soup for you!

The Green Bay Packers will hold their Super Bowl ring deal this evening at Lambeau Field.

Here’s who’s invited — everyone but cornerback Josh Bell and you.

Fact of the matter is, you probably don’t deserve a Super Bowl ring and neither does Josh Bell.

Bell was placed on injured reserve during training camp. The Packers offered him an injury settlement because they were going to release him at the time.

Bell instead chose to remain with the team and rehab his injured foot.

Essentially, the Packers cut Bell, but he wouldn’t leave, so they let him stay.

He’s kind of like the homeless guy who hangs out in the corner of the Y.

So, both you and Josh Bell can go over to Lambeau tonight and press your face up against the windows and try to get a look at the boys getting those rings slipped on their fingers.

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